How do I get ongoing help

Hi, I recently had a successful ritual with King Paimon, but my situation is ongoing. It involves him manipulating someone to do something for me. This person hasn’t followed through lately like they usually do and I m getting concerned. I did tell Paimon that I needed this work to continue. Is there something else that I should do to ensure continual success?


Good question.

i would talk it over with King Paimon and agree to a schedule to check in with him about how the work is going, and if he has encountered any obstacles, and if there is anything you can do on the mundane to help him.

Other than that, just let him be to do his job as he will.


Ok, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll ask him those things when I call him again but my astral senses still are not open despite my meditation and efforts. Maybe he’ll give me some answers in another way.

I guess I was wondering if making a pact or should I carry his sigil, or something else might be helpful.

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Repetitive use of the sigil and repetitive contact are helpful.