"How Do I Get Lucifer's Attention?"

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@nikki how can my door get knocked on?

I’d say call him. Do the sigil and evocation and call him


Hmmmm any tips? I have only tried evoking Lord Beal. Twice now, but I don’t know not much happened yet😕 I may be doing something wrong I think

Can you hear spirits and were you in tgs


one night I prayed to Satan to make a wish come true.I was crying.The next day my wish was realized. It was the first time I prayed to him.


I prayed to Lucifer and didn’t beg per se, but let my request which was pressing be known. I truly wanted to get to know him regardless and told him that even if he didn’t help me, I still wished to form a bond. A few days later he pulled me into the astral and gave me, what I call, a full body/mind/spirit orgasm. I can’t even describe it. I say pulled me into the astral because I can’t do it tho I try. He caught me in the in between falling asleep but I was fully awake. I believe that was his way of showing me he heard me in a way I could comprehend .


That’s it. Call out. Perfect advice.

To me a combo of just saying the name out loud as if trying to get the attention of someone a few feet away, combined with a visualization of your call roaring through the abyss like an earthquake works wonders. Try to feel eyes turning their attention towards you, and the spectacle of all the attention you are bringing to yourself.

Generally a good idea to have a decent reason to call out like this.

Once the call is made, search your thoughts and feelings objectively for something that doesn’t belong.

Works every time.


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No I am very new and inexperienced. My knowlage is almost zero. But I need Bael or Lucifers help very urgently. I have had good guidance from Lady_Eva, (thank you). My third eye is not open, my ears don’t hear. But I want so much to be in contact with them both and many more to help me out of my current situation and of course to learn from them and befriend them.


You could do this a couple ways. You could give Lucifer a nice offering, something very generous… And then ask him if he can allow you hear spirits. Or you can do meditations on your chakras to allow spiritual communication

Thank you, what would be a good offering in your opinion? I unfortunately have a really hectic time constraint, so meditation is out for now. But I do practice meditation though but I know this takes time.

I can tell you a few things he likes specifically:
Dark chocolate (bonus if it has raspberries or fruit in it)
Wine- he specifically told me Prosecco but merlot works too
Red roses
Piano or violin music
Crown royal
He asked me for Jack Daniels recently
Hope this helps


Oh and I only use a certain glass for Him. I won’t use it for anything else. I also got a nice red cloth place mat (dollar tree) that I put his offering on. This sets the tone that it is His and it’s special for him. He seems to like that.

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Thank you so much, so do I just place them out? Do I need to say anything or do anything? Does he physically take them? Or do I need to burn or do something with them?

I do the same thing in the morning with just incense and candle for a devotional:
Set it out, maybe light a candle. If you have his sigil id place it there too. Sigil is important because it signifies its for him and not just any entity lurking to take. If a lurker does try to feed on the goods - well, lucifer will handle that:)
I set it all out and chant his enn a few times: Renich tasa, uberaca,biasa, icar Lucifer.
Then I say something like : Beautiful angel and dark Lord Lucifer. Please come forward and enjoy this offering in your honor. Thank you for bringing truth and saving us from falsehood. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Please assist me with…
But you can use your own words. I generally gush over him and praise him alot.
I don’t “dismiss”- I usually say you are welcome to stay until you’ve finished. Leave it out maybe a half hour or more depending what you can. Then when I wrap it up I let him know I will be disposing of it so please finish. You can pour the drink outside and Also leave the food there. In a pinch I’ve had to throw it away and use the drain but he already fed on the energy of it.

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Thank you so much @AradiaX🙃 If you could please share, refer me to a site or books for any information I would be most greatful. Please pm me if you would like to share more.


No problem! I have a few pages bookmarked on my pc I can send you once I get home:)

Thank you so much