How do I find out my magical name?

…is there any ways to find out my magical name?

You make it, by choosing one name that represent and resonates deeply with you.


Oh so I just make one up that I like?

In principle, yes.
Make it a fitting representation of your being and work.


Oooh okay I see. Thanks!


There are many ways. You can make one up, some are bestowed on you by a patron spirit, sometimes covens grant it to you after you initiate to a certain degree.

Hell, Banjax became my magic name purely by accident. A friend and associate shared some of my videos where I introduce myself as Banjax Doolali and asked how to spell my “magickal name”. And then later Melek Taus called me that in ritual. So I was like “shit… guess there is no going back now” lol


You should also find a way to make your own personal sigil. There’s a tutorial on here essily found with thw aid of the search function.

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Meditate and feel the wind around you connect to and say

“Eastern watch tower of the kingdom of the wind
of the stormy spirits and wild gods that surf through existence
coming into this earth,the malkuth of the kingdom of existence and that of the universe”

Become the wind feel your self everywhere,feel the calm flowing wind or the aggresive force of the wind and merge them together

do something like that for every element ,fire,water and earth

then to akasha,when focusing to akasha vibrate


eleven times and feel a cosmic light descending into you and feel all the powers of the universe and there simply directly ask your name which that is a name that all spirits will refrence you of,the name that you will be given is by the force of omniscience,omnipotence and omnipresence manifesting shatternly as the universe itself.

to further intensfy you can vibrate “Vlek”
and go to the void there simply solidfy again your name.


I only can tell my short story about my name.
In 2017 an Angel told me the name I heared in 2016 - Lukianov - was my name. I first suggested him to be that but he replied: “You are Lukianov.”
This is my angelic name. I had visions to have been the Angel Lukianov before I fell and became human.

Maybe you are fallen, too.
If not you can choose every name you want.
But I don’t know my short sigil.


Mine was a mixture of my choosing and what the spirits called me. I was really inspired by a Roman emperor who did great things for his empire while not desiring his position of power even though he was chastised for his one period of human weakness from the death of his son. Apparently, it somehow emerged in my spiritual practices when the spirits would call me by the same name. So I accepted it and moved forward.


I have one name given in runes in a dream, and another name given in a ritual. These are used within their ‘currents’ and not outside of it.
There is the old belief that knowing a creature’s name gives you power over it, if you think this has something to it (like I do) you probably won’t take it as a username on a forum of Black Magicians. Personal sigils too.

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Lucifer gave me a name, which is funny because I never really worked with him nor have I any intention to do so :neutral_face:


The angel that told you your name can also guide you to your short sigil.

What I did was, I set my intention to know my magickal name and directed that intention towards my Higher Self. Meditated on that until almost trance and I heard the name whispering. I looked it up and liked what I saw.

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I suddenly became aware of my name and personal seal after attaining knowledge & conversation of the holy guardian angel. My name basically translates to “Lazy Kitten”. :joy_cat:
It’s grueling as can be, but the Abramelin operation has lots of benefits.

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I’ve begun to realize that as magickians, we hold the answers to the questions within ourselves.

I’ve gotten a lot of good advice here – I implement a lot of techniques and practices that others have shared – but when it comes to questions like this, no amount of replies will ever help.

Today I was laying down after eating dinner and I looked at my altar and suddenly realized that the things I understand now were things I couldn’t fully grasp before.

You create your own “program” – By meditating and communicating with spirits and with yourself on a daily basis, you will develop the intuition, the knowledge, and the tools to develop your own unique practice, and you will realize that if you don’t understand the concept of finding your magickal name for example, that just means that right now, figuring it out isn’t at the top of your list of priorities.

This is just my own experience so far – I’m not saying this to be the truth by any means, I just feel compelled to share my own POV with you because I found this to be a very powerful revelation as someone who relied far too much on researching for answers that I forgot my magick was the most powerful tool I could use to gain information.

A magickal name is a very personal thing, so naturally, you would go about finding it out in your own personal way.