How do I evoke the Light, Dark Elves, Jotuns, and Dwarves?


My Pater gave me a simple, but powerful Conjuration for the Norse Gods/Goddesses, and he did say I can summon pretty much any entity from the Nine Realms, so yeah question to you, Lovely Pagans, I ask how do you summon Light Elves, Dark Elves, Jotuns, and Dwarves? Like do you know specific names, because the Ritual requires a name of one of the beings of Yggdrasil and what can they do for me/I do for them?

Also, from this site: I’m not sure what the Jotuns can do for the summoner, or if I even should consider it? So, yeah I wish to know about the Elves and Dwarves. I hope you guys can help me with this, peace be with you.


EA has a whole pathworking on this. He recommends not starting with the Jotuns but the elves.
I would say, for the Earthy ones, get out in nature to be where they are, look for them in the wilds. You’ll feel them come to investigate you as you walk the land climb hills and enter caves. Go introduce yourself in person.

I’ve never tried to evoke or summon them though, it’s a different way of working and relating to them… working with the fae is not like ceremonial magik ime, it’s more like shamanism. I think you could evoke the Aesir by their names ok though.


Well just travel to some norse world or focus who you want to attract/evoke and it should work.


As with all other Pagan religions, Norse Paganism originally started out as a shamanic religion. So, instead of interacting with the pantheon like a ceremonial magician, interact with it like a shaman.


Yeah, the whole Conjuration takes place in the outdoors, and I know the best place to do it.


Although good point, hmmm how does one approach to be a Shaman?


Message @Lady_Eva, she has a good Core Shamanism course.


Gotcha, I’ll give her a ring


Here’s the place I plan to do all of this, what do you think?




Glad you think so, Oh that pile of rocks in the middle of the walls is my firepit I’m gonna use in the Conjuration and I shall call up THOR!!! wasn’t sure if I should ask for something, but My pater @PaterOctavius888 said the God would know my intention, so may Thor will know. I mean what do you think?


You should also have an offering if your going to be calling a god. I found that it’s a key feature in my relationship with the Bogi (Slavic Gods).


Any recommendations to have as offerings to the Almighty Thor? I hear they like mead, but I don’t have any mead available.


Here’s a detailed description of offerings in Nordic Paganism. It’s ultimately the same idea as in Slavic Paganism. We give to the gods so they will give to us.