How do I evoke/invoke someone else's godform?

I wanna see what my boyfriend’s godform is like. How do I meet up with him? My boyfriend doesn’t know anything about magick, or even what a godform is for that matter.

To evoke or invoke his true self you can use a picture of him as a sigil as one way. Also to be fair the use of the term godform is pretty misinterpreted by most anyway lol.


How do you interpret it?

In terms of how it’s used here I don’t believe everyone has that so I use true self in case someone’s “godform” is not of the Deity race but a Demon or Angel, or whatever else under the sun. However, Godform is also a term for when someone assumes the form of a actual deity to further their ritual work, or a thoughtform that becomes worshipped like Cthulhu for instance is a Godform.

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