How do I evoke/invoke Lucifuge?

Has anyone here done any work with Lucifuge in the past? I’m interested in making a pact with him for wealth. I’ve looked up some information about him but there’s not as much about him as there is with other demons. I was thinking about getting a copy of EA’s book but it’s a bit out of my price range at the moment. If anyone has useful tips or methods I would appreciate it a lot.


There’s a sigil. Plug and chug it through Goetic ritual same as any other demon.

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I once used a candle in an otherwise dark room, saying a conjuration from the Italian Il libro infernale, this conjuration is similar to the classical one (Grand grimoire, Grimorium verum)… Also I used to think that when a saw the room’s shadows spinning it was required to push through by doing something more, but recently it dawned on me that I may simply had to address Lucifuge or try to “structure” him.
Anyway, yes, gaze at his sigil until you feel you “opened” it then you may repeat or vibrate the spirit’s name, or use either his enn or that certain conjuration.

Here is a beautiful tutorial about how to make a pact by @C.Kendall

Advanced Pact Making

I think there are plenty of people here who have worked with Lucifuge just search a little more :slight_smile:

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