How do I evoke a Norse Deity?

I was thinking about evoking a Heathen God. I know in mastering evocation course EA taught how to do it by using only names.

But I personally think it could be a lil easier. Since we have runes. We can construct a sigil of the deity by inscribing the name of the God in Runic alphabet.

But I am not sure about this. So I need some enlightenment on this subject.

Can anybody help me in this, please?

~ Thanks in advance :wink:


In my experience, going back to childhood, any being who we consider a “god” is a being who routinely and helpfully answered the call of illiterate, often desperate, people who lacked all the stuff we’re blessed with these days, such as books on evocation, knowledge of correspondences, and so on.

Just call them - choose or set aside a special time, if you want, light a candle, offer some water, beer, mead, whatever. :slight_smile:

If you want to add on extras, do so, but they didn’t become gods who are known to this day, by trying to make it hard for us.

Here’s another reason:

[i]Tacitus, an important Roman historian, wrote the most detailed early description of the Germans at then end of the first century CE.. In doing so, be warned, he was commenting on the Rome of his own time, as much as on the German themselves.[/i]

… The Germans, however, do not consider it consistent with the grandeur of celestial beings to confine the gods within walls, or to liken them to the form of any human countenance. They consecrate woods and groves, and they apply the names of deities to the abstraction which they see only in spiritual worship.


I use images for honouring our gods, but this does show that they have a history of shunning the kind of grovelling middle eastern bullshit we later got foisted upon us, by the amalgamation of Roman pomp, and desert troll god hatred.


Certain runes can be used for certain gods. For instance, Fehu can be used to evoke Freya or Frey.


Thanks, What rune should i use for Odin?

Did I hear Norse :smiley:

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Step Four - use those same principles in an evocation :wink:


Odal, Ansuz, or a Bindrune of his name, or any combination (including repeated Runes) around a central Bindrune, with a candle or tealight on top.

Although I’m reasonably certain that Ikea weren’t selling tealights back in the day :o) using fire and water as gateways is a fairly gobal phenomenon, implied in Europe, Russia, and down into India by our ancestors’ use of pyres for the dead, their reverence for thunder and lightning (first bringers of fire, must’ve been pretty scary) and of watercourses to sacrifice things (and probably people) into.

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Has anyone ever tried evoking Loki? I’m just curious about how that would go

I have, Loki is great. You have to have a lot of trust with him in my experience but I have done it. A part from in my book I have not got a full written piece on a full evocation but I will see if I can’t find the article I wrote on the ritual I did with him. The photos for that article were pretty awesome too.


I created my own sigil for him and evoked him using just a dab of blood on the sigil while chanting his name. It worked perfect. He’s really awesome and has a great sense of humor. Loki will come if you call him. You don’t need anything fancy.


Have you found it?

Norse deities are very approachable - it’s fine to just talk to them.

That said, offerings are a good idea. They all have different preferences, but you can’t go wrong with beer.

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