How do I create a pact with the demon named Bune?

Hello! How do I create a pact with the demon named Bune? I want to create a pact that deals with me at the age of 30 becoming a millionaire, living prosperous as a certified personal trainer, make me wiser and eloquent, have a fitness model body, famous for creating the best comic books, living a healthy/happy/prosperous all the way to 36. I’m new to all this and want a easy/beginner way of making a pact.

Let me tell you a story. When I was in highschool I took band class. I wanted to play the piccolo. My teacher insisted I start with the flute. After some pushing he relented and handed me the piccolo and told me to play it. Yet no matter what I tried I could not even make it so much as squeak. After a year of playing the flute I tried the piccolo again and at least got a sound out of it.

Is this sinking in?


You have a goal. Thats good.

The secret way to attain this is…
TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE A PACT/EVOKE/DIVINE/etc and think strategetically to attain your goals.

That is the easy/beginner way.

Hard way? Work your ass off like everyone else and repeatedly try and fail while hoping that your “big break” comes one day.

Or do I have the two backwards?:thinking:


Hmm you’d just call her and make a pact but have you ever invoked or evoked before? How much do you know about Duchess Bune?
Right now I wonder and ask because most of what you ask for she does not give. I’ve always been told when asking her for money ask small, she doesn’t do Millions and I’ve never seen anything at all that says she’ll give you any physical appearance changes.

You need to break all that down and do research on Spirits that specialize. Also you need to do leg work to open the pathways for the Spirits to give you what you want, like going to the gym or going to college classes.

But look up Pacts here on this forum, there are plenty of posts on how to do it. Also if you haven’t done evokation look it up too.


I notice something else too. You only want this until your 36? The way you word that gives the Daemon license to take everything from you and leave you destitute after 36.


I don’t know how old the OP is, but I think he’s under the impression that he is going to be “selling his soul” to get whatever he wants, and television teaches that those kind of bargains are for a limited amount of time before your soul is collected. On the show Supernatural, it’s ten years.


Oh God okay.

Ya, OP if you do believe that it’s a load of crap read this.


Guess this is true? It appears he’s already been given some pointers to look stuff up.

It’s honestly for your own good OP, do more research. You can get what you want but you need to know what you’re doing :wink:


Yeah I’m a begginer at everything. And I thought I could make a pact for a lot of money and etc.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

I never invoked or evoked before. I tried to look up things on the internet regarding making a pact but I am having a hard time.

So what can I get from a pact?

All a pact is, is an agreement between you and the spirit for a specified length of time. You agree to do something for the spirit, and they agree to do something for you.

I recommend you read EA’s The Book of Azazel if you want to know how a pact is done properly. It is available for free in audio form on YouTube.

You can get almost anything from a pact, but it all depends on the spirit, and what you are willing to give. You can’t get something for nothing, and your “soul” amounts to just that. No spirit wants it.

Most true pacts are entered into for learning and mentorship. In the Book of Azazel, EA asked for the flow of prosperity, and in exchange the demon asked EA to trust him and to turn his entire life over to him for 90 days so he could teach him.


Sounds familiar


Use this forum, it’s you’re new Google.


Bune is for beginners you can make a pact with her easily . She’s a duke those are always easy to make pacts with .