How do I conquer his mind?


You can repeat it when the effect becomes week… He will be like a doll. Try to meditate and say the incantation around 66 times on the blood before put it in the dish. About another approaches I am a bit skeptic - if you don’t have experience in evocation of spirits …


I don’t want him to be my slave or something… is this an okay thing to do? I love him and do not want to do something wrong.
And yes, I have some experience. Though it’s not much. I’m just a beginner


Definitely not do this if you don’t want slave …


So these demons do not have sigils or enns, but pathworkings. These are series of archetypal images that you picture in your mind, and by doing so, you mentally “travel” to the place where the demon resides. When you arrive there, you will likely sense the demon’s presence (though it’s ok if you don’t yet), and when you make your request, the demon will know your need.

For each demon, you first summon Lucifer, who grants permission to summon all subsequent demons. There are four demon Kings, including Lucifer, eight Dukes, and then many servants under each Duke. In order to summon one of these “lesser demons,” you’ll need to first summon Lucifer, then the overseeing Duke(s), then finally the demon servant. This is much simpler than it sounds, as it essentially amounts to reading and visualizing poetic scenes. It’s quite nice, actually.

The book is available in kindle format (which you can read on your browser/phone) if you’re concerned about hiding physical copies. You could always make an alternate email address and make a new account if you need to. If you’re serious about getting into magick, then you’ll need to pick up some books along the way, and there are plenty available as ebooks on kindle nowadays (Koetting just released a ton as well).

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need any assistance, always happy to help out beginners :slight_smile:


this sentence describes my ex to a tee. ever since we broke up (3 weeks after we broke up) he’s been sleeping around even though he says he still loves me. i watched the obsession jar spell. you’re sure it works…?


This is the thing with “love spells” of any kind they’re not good at creating real love they just create obsessions that last until the lust has been fulfilled.

Unless you do a love curse like for example.

  • There is a spell in the Greek Magical Papyri that gives instruction to bind the person you want by making them unable to sleep and have nightmare unless they are around you.

Wouldn’t you want him to say and be these things on his own because otherwise it would be the spell doing it.

(on second thought)
To heck with that guy I’ll give you the attention you deserve. :+1:


Sitri can infer his heart with pure love for you, good and you can leave specific for him that does not want a slave sitri will understand because he knows how to work very well with love to the point of promoting success, according to the will of the magician.


I’ve seperate people like you from their relationship several times, all of them where greatful for the adjustment taken.

The thing about Love is that it works in a specific dynamic,
Attraction and Rapport have to be balanced out over a period of time,
that does include jelousy unfortunately.
It’s a natrual part of developement.

Sallos is actually a good call,
Astarte is a good call for females,
so you can call her for aid.
Notice to actually work with Astarte,
not Astaroth the Demon of Lust and Sexual Manipulation.
Astarte is a Goddess of Love, fertility and Nuitring.
So she’ll definately be much more likely to help you then i am.


heck*! that’s exactly what i mean! Kids with guns!
You’re in a relationship which is yet stabilizing itself,
you don’t want to hurt your beloved partner,
you ask Black Magicians to help you manipulating his mind.

Sorry hun, but you just give an exact example for what i’ve used to see as free pray a few years ago.




You make the most sense. I never want to put him under a spell which makes him act unlike himself.
I will listen to your advice. :slight_smile:


Instead of improving your boyfriend you should improve yourself. When you get that you wont need him anymore. This kind of need is a sign of emotional unbalance.

You shouldnt be with someone because you need him. That simple.

You should call for Lucifer. He will certainly help you with that. You dont need anyone you are your own godess. Call him and he will come you dont need anything really just to call him.

He will put some reason in your head.


I am sorry for off-topic but this brought smile on my face. I suggest you to read about work of Harry Houdini and his membership of a Scientific American committee.