How do I break old love spells that are no longer needed?

I am doing love spells for myself for around 20 years.
Some of them worked for a short time… some didn’t work. I kinda feel that they created and enforced bonds with people who I no longer want, they have moved on etc and I am fine with them being out of my life. I just no longer want the bond to them.

I had fallen in love plenty of times and I did lots of general love attraction spells and love spells to lots of guys. I was learning and I didn’t know much on how this whole thing works.

It is frustrating because for me to do simple cutting chords rituals would take me a couple of months to do it for each of my ex lovers and guys I fell in love with.
If I have to repeat them it will take me a couple of years.

Is there any method that I could undo those soul connections into one ritual?
So if needed I can repeat it again and not get exhausted?

I truly want to move on from the past and my past mistakes and clear up my heart chakra so I attract better things in life. And I no longer want those past lovers to feed off my energy or influence my energy in any way.

I work with Angels, djinns and demons and I prefer sigil magic.

Thank you in advance xx

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INTENT. It took you months because your intent was on a single person. Move your intent to ALL connections that aren’t beneficial.


Sometimes a formal ritual can help shift your intentions, which as @anon39079500 expressed really is the key, but it’s not needed.

If you’re going to maybe set a few candles and do one of those “calling all my energy back” things in a fancier way.


I haven’t done the rituals yet. It was just an estimation of how long it will take me.
I still feel the need though with 10 of them to cut energetic chords properly.

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I have done that. They usually reconnect to my energy and it annoys me

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If people are reconnecting to your energy after these rituals, chances are you’re not doing it correctly.

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