How do i better honor King Belial?

Long story short my fiance was in the hospital icu basically in a coma. I pretty much called on every diety I knew to try and help him but I had the weirdest calling to reach out to King Belial. I’ve never worked with him before and was rather nervous working with him.

I already work with Loki so my life is pretty chaotic already and lately it’s been really bad. I also work with Lilith, Namaah, and Thoth as well as a few others. I wasnt looking to work with someone new, but I couldn’t ignore this calling so I did a whole day’s worth of research I know I should have done more but I was desperate and in a hurry.
I made a circle made out of calcia powder and flaxmeal, and drew his seal, I didn’t have much in the way of gifts so I simply ordered him a hamburger and a Sprite because that’s my favorite thing and I figured he might like that too. I then took some sentimental trinkets things that mean a lot to me and to my fiance can I put them in a sock I tied it off and made a doll out of it. I then cut off several locks of my hair because I take great pride in my hair, I’m a cancer survivor so with my hair, so for my hair is precious to me, so it was really difficult but I sacrificed my hair, I also used a blood sugar Lancet to draw blood and give that as well. I’m not sure why I did it but I then put some of my hair and some of my blood in a little jar and filled up the rest of the way up with salt. I also sacrificed a spider in his name. I think highly of spiders, and have some as pets, so that was rather sad to do. I think of them as weavers of fate. After the offering gifts and sacrifices were set out in the circle started to focus on the sigil and chant the enn.

His Voice was so Crystal Clear in my head, he was very straight to the point but also very witty. I won’t explain the entire deal but it included protection of me and my loved ones, a familiar, and a request granted.

It’s been a few days after my fiance made a miraculous recovery, things are getting better, and this familiar has been so much more helpful than I would have ever guessed!

I want to know what works I can do in King Belials name that would please him, that would show how very grateful i am!


It sounds like you’ve done a lot already. This thread is also a means of thanking him. Public recognition is valued by them.


I don’t speak for him, but it sounds like you’ve already honored him profoundly.
Plus, you get sacrifice. It hurts.
I would offer that your desire to honor Belial is moreso you telling yourself that you found a spirit that you want to work frequently with.


Well then! Praise be to King Belial! I look forward to working with him in the future!

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Congrats on your fiance’s recovery, the fact that you made sentimental offerings to him already means a lot, and I agree it’s crazy how fast he works and how helpful he is, he’s my favourite deity to work with and was even the first (besides the obvious warnings from my friends I had a calling to him).


Aw, what happened? :open_mouth:

It seems odd, as offerings must be given, not taken, and your intention was clear.

I might check the diet and stress levels first. Mice are known to get heart disease and their diet can make a big difference, soy makes it worse, a nicotinamide supplement can help.

Right, ok, yes, maybe its just a coincidence!!! King Belial has been nothing but fair to me, i publically apologize for jumping to conclusions, I get so very anxious. I will look over everything again!