How do I become a psi--vampire?


I have been reading some posts here and as great and tempting as they sounf, they do not give me the proper knowledge of how to actually feed upon other humans on their energy. To suck their life force for my own personal gains and power.

If any of you are practicing and mastered this in Vampiric notion, I would love to know,!
I have tried to dwell into the temple of the vampire and tempel of blood but none give proper Information.

Any experienced psy-vampires here?

Don’t know what you mean by nothing here.
Been plenty of posts. There are 50+ and quite a few are people asking the same question. I doubt they never got answers.
Most recent one.

There is also this guy, VK, who talks about it.


heres a relativly simple thing to do go to some event football game band concert ect ect anything with lots of energy and imagine all the energy that is there building up into a psy ball as you breath in the ball smaller and as you breath out the ball gets bigger do this until you can feel it in your hand.

fun part about this is if you do it right you can actually throw it at people that arent spiritualy awakened and most will feel it


Here are a few books on the subject, 4 I own and 1 I still need to get. Books 1 & 2 are a splinter group of the O9A from what I have heard.
1: “The Black Art of Vampirism”
2: “Leiber 333” I still need to get this book.
3: “The Psychic Vampires Codex”
4: “Black Magick of Ahriman” this one touches on the subject rather than being based soly on the art of vampirism.
5: “Works of Darkness” this has a chapter about it.
I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I have liber 333 and I can send you a PDF file and would love if possible to receive the others. ( In case they are PDFs as well)

Thank you for the suggestion I’ll definitely itrly check it out.


So I dont really go for PDFs as 99% of my books are physical copies i also dont trade them sorry. Book 4 & 5 you can get them from BALG it ranges from $27.00 - $150.00 depending on what copie you get. The rest from Amazon rather cheaply.


I see, I buy a book on rare occasions. As I try to not hold physical assets. Well beside my guitar :smiley:


You can purchase them in ebook format.


The thread itself has no proper knowledge given to achieve proper vampirism. Regarding VK…ahhh i better keep it quiet.


If you can manipulate energy you can “become a vampire” so I don’t know what you’re looking for.

I do hope some of the books mentioned will help though. :slight_smile:


Just imagine energy coming into you and feeding you


Akkharu vampyre magick is also a good book to read


To be honest you should find sone people to join you vampires do better in groups


However its very hard to find people


Going the vampiric path alone can lead to many most unfortunate fates before two years ago i was very powerful i had no one to accompany me and ended up becoing ignorant and foolish inevatably ignorance lead me to becoming unguarded and stupid which lead to making me less in control and well in my current state


Believe me if you fall prey to your own darkness you will end up trapped in your own hell even now all i see is ash and ruin and the reamains of wat was rather than wat could be its hard to be a good person when all you know evil


Power is no substitute for intelligence and humility


Always keep someone you care for close to you you have no idea wat it means to have people that care for you


Well I have someone who cares for me so I do know what it means. I am also an Illuminist as well Satanist therefore I possess the highest form of reason and logic which is the light that guides me in my darkness as I explore my shadow further.


Yeah, that is why i am here. It is hard to find anyone who is even practicing true Satanism in my country.