How do I become a god?

Hello all,
Is it possible for any living human to become a god or as powerful? I want a detailed explaination on this. Can you please explain me.

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So becoming a god means just living and being ourselves?

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Know yourself. Don’t be fake.
When you really know all of you, to your deepest depths, you will find the god within, and remember.


oh so thats what a god form is.

I don’t think so, “assumption of godforms” is a specific technique I have never used.

You are already a powerful daemon and you have to remember yourself, you don’t need to take on anyone else’s form.


oh okay

By remembering that your already a “God”. That’s how.

Its about owning your own power.

I don’t work with the whole godform stuff, I’m more of a true self/soul thought pattern. So it’s remembering who you are at a soul level.


What does this mean?

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Inner power, will, inner “fire”, etc. Growth as well.

As well as taking responsibility for your own reality.


And what changes does it bring in me?

Growth, as I’ve stated.

If you think becoming a “God” is like the movies then your wrong. It’s a journey of the self. In my opinion.

The closest thing I’ve done that some might call “ascent” is a soul transmutation (still in process) but for me it’s more of a journey of the self…just literal in the spiritual/soul sense. However I don’t think I’m gonna be a god once my soul transmutation is complete. Everything is movement, growth.

That’s the more spiritual side, the physical side is JUST AS IMPORTANT.

A small addition to what everyone else is saying:

It is easy to say ‘you just have to remember’ but the ‘how’ part is often obscured.

How do I gain power to become more godly?

With meditation. Daily routine and ritual. The examination of yourself. Opening yourself to higher energies will gradually build up your spirit. Its a gradual, slow climb to power though persistence and discipline.

I am nowhere near where I want to be -power wise- but I know that I am climbing a step everyday through my actions and continual drawing down of powers.


Godform is taking on traits of a God, Demon, Angel, Fae, whatever else in your occult working. It doesn’t always have to be a well known or “real” entity as in it can even be thoughtforms like Cthulhu.


To become a living god you need to have ultimate power through evocation. Ultimate knowledge through divination. Ultimate presence through soul travel.

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Thats the same thing as omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience right?

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Unequivocal accountability, responsibility and a relinquishment of all fears associated with intent, imagination, power, association and perceived/programmed definitions of “godhood.” In my opinion, becoming/being a “God” is merely a choice/acceptance of the scaled existence of our personal role/model within and of the Universe and the scaled down examples we seem to be of “God” on a biological level. Being a “God” is genetically inherent to the human and it’s required symbiosis with it’s environment, but there seems to be a process of acknowledgment of that which can be easily wasted in one lifetime. Time is short lived if constrained by wants. To know gives way to certain perspectives but is easily consumed by the ego. It really is a good question due to the expectancy of complex answers. Perhaps you become a living God by simply being present more often than not and living more for your power rather than in pursuit of someone else’s perception of what that means to you. My follow up question would be: “What is your definition of a God?”

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I think god is a being who can control things around him. Have supernatural strenght. Can manipulate human being, etc.