How do I act in a graveyard?

How do the dead feel about their resting place? What I mean specifically is how would they feel if I took some flowers that their relatives gave to them? The reason I ask is because I’m doing a necromantic path working, were some of the spirits I’m working with need things like flower petals to conjure them. And sometimes I won’t have the money to buy a minimum $20 worth of flowers for the ritual.

Also a side question: where can I learn how I can obtain an entire graveyard to be my allies?

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You could get the flowers MUCH cheaper OR: pick them yourself.

I don’t know how the climatic crap is like at your area,
but at the most of the places i know (in germany) there are growing beautiful and tiny
blue flowers -like: everywhere!

P.S.: My viewpoint: THEY DO NOT REST THERE.

~If they are really there -they are more like “trapped”.
IF something is there -it must be the “shadow” or/and resedue of their former being.
*Which means: their old astral- and mental-body.
-If you summon “”“them”"" they will not remember death at all, because they are more like a fingerprint -or footsprints of the former being/owner.

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You should ask the spirits permission first and leave them an offering, a few pennies or even alcohol. It’s proper to leave some coins at the entrence and ask permission to enter the cemetery.

It doesn’t hurt to cleanse after coming home either.


I live in highly populated areas. Which means not much flowers I can pick myself legally. And I can’t get flowers for cheaper.

Oh :frowning: …-and there is no park or garden nearbye ?
~Well…origami or coins should also do it.

~That reminds me to:


You should be fine just taking from the graveyard. Always a nice source of fresh flowers, especially when you’ve left it a bit late on mothers day.

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Thanks reaver that was the answer I was look for!

In my personal experience and other people’s opinions I’ve heard, it;s a VERY bad idea to steal flowers from the dead - in the UK there’s a superstition about not picking up flowers in the street because they may have fallen off a hearse. Necromancy isn’t the time to look for shortcuts.

Do what thou wilt, but I had to state this.


Thank you lady Eva! THAT was the answer I was looking for

Actually, I collect flowers et al from a nearby graveyard on a regular basis and have never had a problem with anything from there; in fact quite the opposite. There are a few policies I adhere to myself, though. I never take more than 1/3 of any plant on any single grave, and I always replace it with a pleasurable commodity (i.e. alcohol, fruit/honey/chocolate, floral incense). If you are trying to keep costs low then regular old sugar is great; remember that sugar was an exotic and much-sought substance not long ago. I always show respect and gratitude anytime I remove anything from any burial area, and if I get a feeling to pass by a plant or flower I always do, regardless of whether I need it or not. Sometimes plants and trees are in graveyards for more than decoration, especially the older ones. It never hurts to do some kind of banishing when I return home, too. So far, so good!


Bingo. You’re not stealing, and you’re being respectful. :slight_smile:

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Thanks brother that’s a better answer . I do need flowers though. For some particular rituals flowers are a need so thanks for that, Because I did not want to steal from them and have them upset but sonce lady Eva agrees with you I’ll do that instead. Swap one for the other

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DO NOT take flowers off the graves…it’s their flowers and they’ll be pissed. You’re not even suppose to take their dirt without permission

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You’re in another’s home when you are in a cemetery. Whose home it is, exactly, depends on a lot of things. But it’s not yours. I try to:

  1. Listen more than talk.

  2. Watch for oddities. Birds, cats, unexpected light on a seemingly random gravestone. Messages from the dead don’t come by Fed Ex, they come by synchronicity.

  3. Give more than take. These days I try to only give, flowers usually, and not take anything.

As for what you take - a few flowers won’t hurt anything and may bring beauty to your life, especially if you exchange them for something you brought. Be careful with dirt, though. The spirits you ask for it may not be the spirits who think the dirt is theirs.