How do I acknowledge the colour of my (and maybe other peoples) aura?

Does an aura even exist? And if yes what does it exactly say about a person? This is actually something that somewhat whizzed in my mind for quite a time now and I’ve never really found an answer. To clearify myself a bit here. The people whom I usually interact with are atheistic nerds, therefore I barely know any spiritual people (there is one girl who identifies as a succubus though). ((Oh, if a topic like this already exists feel free to close the thread)). Thank you in advance.

Aura colors mean different things per individual. The aura changes based on emotional, mental, and physical health. However, an individual can manipulate their aura to alter another’s perception of them.

manipulating your own aura is called manifestation

Just breathe In a type of energy you want to manifest in your core then push the energy out into your whole aura, very effective

No it’s not, those are two different things lol. Manipulating your aura is just that manipulating your aura. While manifestation is a bit more general and manipulating things to follow a possible path in an unwritten future.


Well your right, programming your aura and manifestation are two different things but you need to program your aura to manifest using this technique

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