How do demons incarnate?

Would the demons of hell matchmake a couple for the proper genes to be present in the incarnation?

Do you think the incarnates go through the veil of forgetfulness?

Do you think there are significant astrological markers indicating an incarnate?

Do beings incarnate just cuz or because they have a goal in mind?

This just curiosity. Been reading up on ‘crystal children’ and the sort.


Almost all incarnates go through the veil of forgetfulness. Flesh.

I’m not sure, I don’t know about astrology.

Not ‘just cuz’, they incarnate because they have a goal in mind.


Have you ever met an undeniable incarnate?

Yes. I am one. Here are a few of my tales I have shared here:


I knew you were gonna be a synchronicty the moment you logged my meditation to your journal. That meditation was taught to me by astaroth, i hope you have a good experience with it.

Thank you for your contributions. Im gonna dig in rn

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Good questions. my mom went Slutty Flatback Maxima, that is where I came from. Strange I found out about that just a little while after figuring out I was a Demon. Explains why I am so fundementally different from my ‘half siblings’.
I am of the opinion that it does not follow, “Once a Demon Always a Demon” I believe through the aeons we literally “Cross Train” through every facet of ‘Divinity’ through each incarnation.

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Not that simple though.
There is this art whereby, before going in to lay with your wife, you can select the soul/spirit to take on the flesh, i.e the type of child you want.
I’ve never tried it cuz I’m not married, nor do I plan to. But I know of someone close who did it, not once but twice.

Not things I can expose here, I’m sorry.


Yes the ones that push me on definitely want me to actually apply for the job of my dreams.