How different are Buer and Marbas, in regards to healing capabilities?

First I want to say, I respect both. Many feats in needed healing I’ve achieved. Both are wonderful, and AWESOME!

But sometimes, a question plays in my mind, as to, how the healing or healing capabilities or the like, differ in them?

What type of healing does one specialize in?

I’d appreciate any comments~ regards.


Buer is strong with the subtle bodies (astral, chakra work ect). Marbas is strong with the physical body. They do overlap to a degree.


Well seeing that the subtle body overlaps with the physical - I would say so. They probably work well together then. Seeing as to how most ailments/energetic issues can cause issues in both the physical/energetic bodies.


I can’t really say in regards to Buer. I’ve worked with Marbas extensively however. He’s played a major role in curing ‘incurable’ spinal damage in my wife along with full body nervous system damage. Uphir has also been a huge help in regards to psychic surgery on her. I would imagine that given Buer’ specialty in energetic bodies he can probably accomplish similar results but with different methods. After all if the subtly body is healthy, the physical can prosper. But If one is damaged the other will decay.

I hope this helps. Marbas and I have a long history and a good relationship. So I will always go with his help and advice before other healers.


I believe Buer helps more with holistic healing whereas Marbas is more alchemical, but I know they’re both excellent in their own regards.


Could you please tell me what kind of work you do with Marbas?
I have a close person with one of those “incurable” neuronal diseases.
what would be the goal of the magic work? seek the ultimate cure for her? look for it not to deteriorate so quickly?

I see… How did you work with Uphir for the psychic surgery? A requested work, or you worked along with him?

When I’d evoked Marbas he had us employ a caste array of modalities to ensure her recovery. The more deeply rooted the issue, the more it will take to reverse it. We utilized energy work, much more than just reiki. I was guided to 3 shaman who do distance healing, along with daily evocations and invocations. I created a rig in our temple room that utilized magnets, frequencies, and electromagnetic pulses. From there Marbas had guided me in the proper energetic use of crystals…it’s so much more than just rubbing them on the energetic body, there is a major science to unlocking the potential of quartz and amethyst.

It took close to a year to ensure that her health recovered. I would be happy to get into greater detail if you like. The biggest factor as I was told is ensuring that the one who needs it, truly believes that they will be cured.

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I worked along with him. Essentially, I allowed myself to become possessed by some of his legions, during the possession, my hands performed the psychic surgery and my third eye opened so I could see what was being done. It felt like the worst hangover ever afterwards but the results are fascinating


please, it would be helpful if you could give me that information.

I’ll look through my notes and upload the pictures of the magnetic equipment I’d made.

For that portion, you would need copper pipes, 4 speakers that send different resonant frequencies, and a ton of magnets. When I’d been guided in this, I set everything up around her bed so that as my wife slept, the healing would be done as she slept. The copper was set up in geometric patterns that carried the sound waves. The magnets are placed under the bed or at least under the sheets so they line up with the chakras.

He had me place his sigil on the ceiling so that it was what she saw when she went to sleep and was the first thing she saw when she woke up.

While she slept I would do energy work on her until I passed out. This was supplemented by mantras during the session.

I’d arranged with the 3 shaman to send her healing energy and to do soul retrieval the same time everyday. Marbas was insistent that the time stay the same. For her it was 7am and 7pm. Not sure if that would differ for your friend.

Like I’d mentioned, it took a long time to ensure her recovery. The results had been very measurable though. If you need the reassurance then I would recommend setting up a camera or a GoPro somewhere to capture footage. You’d be amazed at what you’ll find.

I’ll find my old notes and upload them. Please let me know if you have any questions. We’re all in this together. I want to help you and your friend.