How did you start working with an orisha?

I don’t really feel this is necessary. I explained where I was coming from and why. As far Elegua and Chango go, I’ve only had one encounter with the pair and still stand by what I said and why I said it, based on what they presented to me personally.

The gods themselves can and do choose who they want to work with, and yes they tend to have a test of sorts so that operator needs to prove they are worthy but it is nothing like the word humans use for initiation, nor does it abide by the human rules for initiation. I’ve yet to give an offering or worship any of these sorts of beings that people make claims you have to do, and it has been a very positive relationship for me, allowing them teach and guide me, rather than become a human meat bag that they feed off of, in exchange for an occasional favor.

You speak from the point of view of a worshipper and a priest. I speak as someone who is an OPERATOR, who was invited and initiated by the gods themselves.

I already said everything I need to, to those who act as worshippers, or believe that the gods don’t hold the ability to do everything that is needed themselves. :slight_smile:

You are more than welcome to your experiences and opinions as I am mine :slight_smile: I like to say- you do you, cuz I’m doing me, and I know the gods are doing them. There is no need on my side of the fence to do anything but agree to disagree with your opinions. I do the same towards all religions and worshippers, you’re welcome to what works for you, it doesn’t effect my day and thusly I can respect that you are doing what you feel you need to.


I again both disagree and agree. No Orisha will initiate you. In fact, They will send you to someone who can. I won’t speak on other traditions and those spirits, but initiation to Orisha requires specifics, validation and testing by the officiating priest, all of the participating priests and Orishas, as well as communal presentation / celebration. So we will have to “agree to disagree” on that point. That is not to say an “aleyo” cannot petition for help and make votive offerings to Orishas. I do 110% agree that priests are not the “end all be all” when dealing with the Orishas. They are the beginning.

yes ma’am…I am.

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That’s fine to seek out someone to initiate you, I’m only saying that it’s not exactly required, as they are not the end of the line so to speak as the Gods will do what they want or initiate who they want. Often times people forget that and try to be the mouth piece for the Gods.

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Ummmm, not exactly required for what? The OP asked “How did you get start working with an Orisha?” I answered that a friend and coworker took me to someone for a reading. The conversation quickly turned to the same old you don’t need to be initiated, the gods will initiate you, blah blah. I tried to educate with easily verifiable facts to keep it real. You are actually proving my point. A simple Google search, or GOD forbid, you read a book or doctoral thesis by David Brown, Steven Palmie, Willie Ramos, John Mason, will tell you that the Orishas ARE NOT GODS. They are individual fragments of the Creator. They are deified ancestors or primordial aspects of nature. The OP went and got a proper divination done and an Orisha spoke to her through Elleguas’ shells. They are the consecrated mouthpieces of the Orishas - not the priest. I would never presume to speak for an Orisha. They can speak for themselves. Again, a little effort in your research, unless you intend to “operate” off of what god knows who tells you god knows what on an internet forum.

Not required to work with the Orisha or to be initiated with them, this was part of the topic long before you jumped in.

I also don’t care what John Mason has to say lol The Orisha are Gods and they are very much their own individuals, the Orisha is part of my ancestry just like the voodoo Gods have both Gods and deified ancestral spirits so do the Orisha.

Every culture has an idea that the Gods are fragments of a creator God but they are very much their own individuals. Being primordial aspects of nature does not stop them from being Gods either, just because you slap another title on them does not make them any less of what they are, again even in other cultures it’s the same idea.

I’m sorry you assume I did very little research but that assumption is a moot point better left in the trash with other baseless opinions you felt or feel the need to bring up so check yourself before you even attempt your nonsense on a basis you have no idea what I do or what my research and experiences entail, otherwise you just look like a pompous idiot.