How did you get over your fear of Demons:

Any spirits that have good intentions, whether they’re demons, angels, etc. I’m not referring to evil spirits, like possibly parasites.

Well “evil” is not an exact standard term

But I get what you’re saying atleast…

You make mention of not working with demons anymore? If I may ask… Is there a specific reason for mentioning them particularly.?

Was born and brought up strict baptist and decided to dedicate to Satan, that night my glass candle holder exploded and covered me in glass half way throught the dedication rite I was cured of all fear and grinned from ear to ear that to me was proper power from the Gods in real time action not mamby pamby nothingness

Exposure, and lots of self reflection.

Last year when I came into this place was a crazy trend about view them as a fuck toys, so it kinda ridiculed my versions about demons, it was funny.

I looked how society is and I said huh weird everything people claim the Devil do they do. Funny how life works huh?

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I had summon them after an intense experience of living with an ex who was mostly possessed the entire time. Involved a lot of annoying things and threats. And me attempting to stand up for myself.

Enki told that experience needed to happen so I would be where I’m at today.

It was not a fun time.

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I used to work with demons all the time. Then, I became fearful of them when I was forced to take a psychoactive substance. I’ve suffered years of depression and not being able to think straight just from the substance (even though I was off of it all the while). I truly thought my brain would never go back to normal; I was a slave to fear and religion. I began to meditate daily and gained back all my mental abilities and lost my depression. Now, I am no longer afraid of spirits/demons.

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I had nothing to lose, so nothing scared me anymore.

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I used to be terrified of demons so I did an evocation of Belial. Fight fire with fire I guess. :woman_shrugging:

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Fear is just feeling some kind of threat toward things, ideas, concept, entities , etc…

To not have fear. don’t think it’s harmful. Be logical in why you have fear? is it taught? most likely from wrong information. however, one can be cautious for safety. fear for no reason base on reaction isn’t good for you unless it’s for survival.