How did you decide which demon(or angel/spirit) you would work with?

Hey all! Just asking a general question, how did you guys demon you’d work with? I know the obvious answer would be, whichever demon fit what you wanted. There are, however, people who deal with different demons and chose a selected one to roll with for the most part. Some people I read did divinations to find out… others were lucky enough to already have had the demon in their lives already since childhood. What was your story?

To be honest, for the vast majority of my life I never worked with any deities/entities and relied on my own power. I knew about them for a very long time, although it wasn’t until some very strange circumstances that led to my curiosity, so I decided to finally take a bite. Even now I mainly just use them as conversationalists. How I did it, at least in terms of the goetia is I randomly focused on a number and that’s who I decided to invoke first. I have a list stored somewhere, and I cross off who I’ve invoked. There are some that are more reoccurring in my life than others, that I wasn’t expecting to develop a kinship to- but it is what it is.

You can use the zodiac for this as well. For every demon has a sign per say, you may find one that shares your sign, or one you’re compatible with. I’m not saying to choose one that shares your sign necessarily, but one your sign would be compatible with, or you can choose one under your sign. There are many ways, sometimes a name just comes to you and you just know who to choose at any given time.