How did you come into magic?

This just came to my mind I want to know how you guys started on this path.

Me the more I think of it the more chances I had into getting into this. When I was little I was a good little Christian kid (pukes) and as I grew older I kept slowly getting pulled into it.

In I want to say 5th grace I was a shamanistic way of find your spirit guide. But yahway was with me at the time and I kept just feeling terrible everytime I tried.

I’m 7th grade there was a psychic reading store that I would walk by often. That I seemed to always get pulled too but never had the courage to go in.

Not to mention all the shows I watched “I wanted magic to be real” that’s actually how I came into it haha.

I got to the point where I was depressed my girlfriend left me I didn’t have anything going for me I wanted to kill myself. The next thing I know i find “spells of magic” which at the time didn’t know it was shit haha. But I don’t know maybe my desperation led my higher self to make it happen? Then I ended up at Job Corps (program by the u.s government where they help you develop a skill)

Little did I know a magician was one of the people that showed up with me and a few months later a Wiccan came aswell. And everything just kind of fell into place.


II came into magic because of a depressive moment in my life.

I was also a good Christian boy my whole life, praying to god for good changes to come that I’d never get.

My girlfriend left me while I was in the hospital, apparently someone had my phone and was texting her as me. I didn’t know it either until I got home and tried explaining.

She put out for a protective order against me due to past crazy people and I let her win despite making lying claims in court.

My cars tire exploded and it was towed away and auction without telling me.

I had 10k worth in debt…life was horrible and I continued praying to a god that did nothing.

So I thought of having control over my life and doing things for myself instead of praying it will happen. My debt is almost gone, I have a new better car (2016 Dodge Charger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and girls cling to me.

Best choice I’ve ever made in my life :yum:

Hope you enjoy my journey :slightly_smiling_face:


I was born into it my mother was a LHP witch, she was working really dark magick while she was pregnant on me.

But on my brother and sisters pregnancies she didn’t do magick.

And I’m the only one who walked the path, my great grandmother was also a witch and my cousin is a black magician.

Some of my ancestory goes back to Salem too.

So yeah I don’t really like saying this term but you could say it’s in my blood.


I was fucked beyond all logical reasoning and their was no logical way for me to make it through life.

So yeah; tada!


I always liked occult stuff.
Since I was 12 I tried astral projection with periods of break of months, but as a friend of mine once said Occult is a door that once opened you can’t ever close it again
So I kept it open, with me going inside and outside.
But I can’t tell I’m a magician… sometimes something happens, someone helps me, but I’m far from what I chose as a lifelong goal :smile:


In middle school and early high school (2008 & 9) my family was in a very stressful spotted and we lived in a odd house. I would get instant anxiety walking into certain rooms. As tension built between us, light Poltergeist activity started being noticed by my mother while I would have these bizarre dreams and strings of dangerously high fevers. I’d wake not knowing where I was. My Christian mother prayed and exorcised the house but those vibes stayed with me. Nobody was internally affected but me, it seems. From then on, every so often I would hear statement, clearly & audibly spoken thoughts, the same ones I heard in my bizarre dreams. Sometimes threatening, sometimes actually helpful advice. Lol

For years after that, I gradually sank deeper into depression and isolation from people. In 2014, I ended up getting physical ill from this depression. That fall, I started community college but still had these issues with anxiety, depression, and was a loner. I stumbled upon different spiritual paths while researching paganism and found Wicca through a book I found. But I started looking deeper and found its origins in ceremonial Magick. In 2015, I found the Ars Goetia, then EA Koetting’s YouTube channel, then started researching the occult world obsessively. In late 2016, magick was really an act of desperation since my life was in pieces, no job, money, friends, grades, etc. Scared as hell at first, as I was from a Christian family and the thought of speaking with demons made me uneasy. But I pushed through it and realized the very real power behind this. At that time, I managed to sort of fix it and ended up discovering my life’s new path (direction). And I’ve recently been preparing to set out on it.


I started with summoning attemps, using nothing at all except for my voice, then began to read some magazines and (mainly) books. I practiced automatic writing and followed both a ceremonial and meditative path (Golden Dawn, grimoires, visualization, breathing…), meanwhile studying the classic authors: Agrippa, Levi, Papus etc.


What sort of magical techniques did you use to get out of your situation?

As for myself, it was out of necessity to steer my life back on coarse after things had gotten really bad. I was also a Christian and hadn’t received any help from God, which led me to taking matters on for myself


I was raised in an agnostic household. There was no religious expectation put on me, and my mom has been supportive of all my spiritual endeavors.

When I was 11 I was learning about world religions and decided that Taoism would be cool to try out. And so, for two years until I was 13, I was a Taoist. I did void meditation and learned emotional self-control. I left Taoism because I was reading about immortals and how they could use magic, and there was a Buddhist proverb which said, “There is no difference between an enlightened man and an unenlightened man. The only difference, is the enlightened man knows it.”

I began to reason that if there is no difference between the Taoist immortals and I, then I theoretically could do magic as well. And so, I began scouring the internet looking for legitimate magic. Eventually I found a website and I tried their rain spell to see if it would work, and two days later it did rain. It was also mid-February and so the roads were very icy and it was quite dangerous. At school, I remember apologizing to people about the rain, but they kept on telling me that it’s my fault. “No, you don’t understand,” I insisted, “I did a magic ritual for rain and it happened, this is my fault!”

So, I went on and experimented with Wicca for a few months, and by experimented I basically practiced spells and waited to see if they would work. I ended up stumbling across Joy of Satan and at first I was afraid, but it kept nagging at me and after two weeks the curiosity and desire was overwhelming and I went back. There, I learned about chakras and about visualization meditation and a love and desire for the occult was born.


My appendix burst when i was 8 and I was hospitalized. I remember being put under for surgery, leaving my body and experiencing complete darkness except for a pinhole sized light. I crawled toward it until i found myself crawling over tree roots and through bushes. I continued to crawl up a slope which led to a mountain. I started to cry because the climb was very difficult. I made it to a ledge on the mountain.

A tall, handsome man with pointed ears was standing on the ledge. Rainbow colored energy poured out from his back in the shape of wings. He turned and said “oh it is you. I was wondering when you would get here” He asked me why I was crying and i told him it was because I didnt have any friends and I was lonely. He asked me why I let myself suffer so much. That i was powerful to have found my way to him so early in my life. He took a stick and drew some magical symbols in the sand but they were in languages i didnt understand.

He said he didnt understand why my higher self would want to incarnate as a human and suffer but he owed her a debt so he would watch over me. Along with his own position which was to watch over a certain area because people tried to use its energy for selfish purposes and cause unbalance in the universe.

He told me i had to go back and I walked the way That i came following a different pinhole of light. I woke up in a hospital bed to a very upset family. I was happy, i didnt feel lonely anymore. My family was angry at me because I was so happy and upbeat during my hospital stay. They kept telling me i could have died or almost died.

I visted him often as a child and he taught me magick. I realize now as i study properly as an adult he taught me things that are not common knowlege. Things you would have to have degrees in magical orders to know. I constantly find myself reading books saying oh so thats what that is called etc.So he was my introduction to magic


Mostly just stopped being a whiny piece of shit :joy:

Meditation helped with that but mostly just positivity, I did do one money spell and I got tons of double shifts at work and even a triple shift.

I still am stuck in it honestly, just now know I can do it myself instead of hoping it would conveniently working


For me I had a fascination with the name grim reaper and his weapon when I was younger. But I grew out of it then 4 years ago me my mom and my sister moved to South Carolina were I made a friend with someone how said he was a demon and he knew Lucifer very well. And so when we moved back to where we are from two years passed and since then. And then the name grim reaper again started appearing in my head so I did what I did is research about him and peoples experiences on yt and this went on and off for a year then one time I looked up how to contact him (because I wanted to know why it keeped happening) as well. Then I came across the way would demons help you video from EA then I continued watching his videos and found the one where he calls upon all the kings and followed his instructions to listen in so I did and once again that name over and over this time with more and more power so I decided to follow this path and see where it leads me and here I am.


I discovered LaVeyan Satanism, identified as a Satanist for a while, all the while practicing the rituals that were a part of that “religion.” Then as I kept drifting away from LaVeyan Satanism, I always took a step further, and voila, ended up a practicing LHP mage.


As with others on this thread, I was a good Baptist Christian. A fing Bible geek that always got the answers right in Sunday school.
I also liked science. And I kept winning the science fairs. This would later lead me into computers and other tech.
At a young age I realized that religion could not answer my scientific questions. The “turn the other cheek” bulls
t sure as hell didn’t help me when I was getting teased and my ass kicked in school.
The Sunday school teacher started giving me that “shut up, you better not say anything” look. Not too long after I started to lose interest in church. I was 12 and I think it upsetted my grandmother, but my mother seemed cool about it. Mother never forced church on me.
In junior high school I found a book on meditation. Everything sort of took off from there. Over the years I studied world religions and cultures on my own. I was agnostic for a while even.
Back in 2015, I came across E.A.'s stuff and realized his path wasn’t that different from mine. I dedicated myself to the LHP path ever since.
My questions are finally getting answered. People still make fun of me, but nobody’s kicking my ass. All that Bible stuff if interpreted symbolically does actually support the LHP philosophy.


No idea!

No family or relatives have even the remotest interest in the occult, in fact there’ll pretty much agnostic/atheist. I can only assume my interest comes from a previous life!

Spent most of my formative years knowing that the current version of reality was wrong but I thought I was on my own. Had a “mini enlightenment” when I was 30 for about 6 weeks and have been desperately trying to get that back ever since…


Handed down most directly to me from my (now ‘deceased’) maternal grandmother, with a few other relatives contributing bits and bobs here and there . My 30 years as a practitioner have been closely aligned with my gran’s traditions and work. (Her journals – call them what you will – include works passed on to her, so I’m quite fortunate to have a number of them. Fought a few siblings and cousins for the ones I have, but worth the ‘fight’.)


When I was little, I would go to my aunts house with my mom, where I would play with toys in the hallway and feast on sugar cookies, while my aunt read tea leaves for my mom and my cousin.
When I was 11, I found a book on magic and divination (old school shit) in the garage, which was odd since my folks we’re serious baptists.
When I was 14, I went into a bookstore after school, and found and read The Golden Dawn (Regardie) and The Magus (Barrett).
When my mom died when I was in my second semester, I started reading The Book of the Dead (Budge), and got into Wicca (Cabot, Buckland, Cabot, Adler, Starhawk).
In my 30s I got into witchcraft and ceremonial magic, until a house fire across the alley almost set my room on fire in the middle of a ritual.
In my mid 40s, I committed to magic.

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