How did I go from being an adept magician to barely feeling energies lately?

I’ve been practicing magick specifically the Goetia for about two years now. About a year ago I was extremely strong and powerful. I could choose to do a ritual on whim and the results were always so fast acting. I could easily see and hear the demons through each ritual and even afterwards. Now, not so much. I don’t know what happened. I haven’t been practicing like I used to but I feel weak and simply can’t draw the energies like I used to. What happened? Any suggestions? I simply feel like someone took the power from me and they aren’t giving it back. I use the Satania’s YouTube channel for meditations and I can feel the energies pretty well. But then when I transition to a Goetia ritual, specifically Damon Brand’s book, it feels forced and weak. I can’t see or hear the demons as well I used to. And it’s destroying me. I don’t know what happened and I need advice or suggestions from this lovely magickal community. How can I get back to the point I was at a year ago?

Points to note:

  1. I struggle getting into a trance state (any techniques?)
  2. I struggle seeing the demons as I perform but get the chills, the atmosphere changes, and I can hear them perfectly well
  3. I feel stuck (like blocked). My love magick has failed specifically. I mean it truly feels like women become scared of me and they run away. Seriously. For example, like in Walmart I’ll be walking and looking at girls but if they make eye contact it seems they run away fast. Like something is pushing them away spiritually. Like my aura is black? Or pushing them away? Hard to describe in understandable terms

I really appreciate any and all help. I don’t know what to do. I would love to overcome this block with the help of you people. Thank you.

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Ive had similar challenges. Perhaps the placement of the planets are in opposition to your chart?

Tbh, I’d feel a little creeped out if a random guy just stood there and tried to force eye contact with me at the supermarket. I’m not going there to flirt, I just want to do my groceries and be gone asap lol

I like GoM’s work too, and it’s always worked wonders for me, but I had some struggles with love magick as well (most specifically targeted love magick). It’s tricky because you have to layer it.

I’m assuming you worked with Sitri (because of the eye contact you seek to seduce… random women at inconvenient places), or perhaps Magickal Seduction for an aura of attraction?

I suggest:

  • Look for targets to attract in convenient places (parties and meetings with friends where you’ll surely meet new people, nightclubs, scheduled dates from dating apps, etc)

  • Instead of working on an aura of attraction (which is what I assume you did, but I could be wrong), try to do some workings for you to become your best and most lovable self. I think 72 Angels of Magick and Angels of Love have some rituals to help you with that. The latter has a series of rituals that must be done in order for you to attract an ideal mate, but this depends mostly on what you’re looking for (even if you’re only looking for hookups, you’ll still find it useful to become your best self, and all the right people will be drawn to you anyway as a side effect).

Working on becoming your best and most lovable self won’t get you ladies in bed tonight or tomorrow, so don’t do it with the purpose of attracting others, do it for yourself. Like I said, people feeling drawn to you (and being given options) will become a side effect.

Regarding your connection to spirits, sometimes it’s super strong and other times you’ll feel nothing. All that matters is your certainty, knowing that they’re there, whether you perceive them or not, because you called them. Period.

Most of the time, I feel nothing. The other night I was doing some rituals from Demons of Wrath and suddenly I felt a lot of HEAT, which is out of the ordinary because it’s still a really cold Winter in my area. I didn’t have that happen ever before, not even in rituals from Demons of Magick, so I was really shocked. And I got results from DoM anyway (most recently from Seer), despite never feeling any presence.

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James Redfield in one of his Celestine Prophecy books, mentioned that the character was to pursue contact with those who locked eyes, all rest to basically ignore unless engaged in conversation or service.
Basically each had a personal message to convey to each pother, not to necessarily become lifelong friends.

Well one thing that can be a big problem is if you picked up a virus like a cold. Colds and that type of thing can really mess up your magical practice. You should wait till it goes away before doing serious work and trying to contact new spirits.

The other thing that can really cause issue is if you have decided that it is just too much. These things can be frightening, because it isn’t just in your head, they actually answer you back, and sometime you may not like the answers. I know I’ve done this so much in my relationships, its like, as soon as I get answers, its like I don’t want to continue the relationship, because this stuff is real and not someone on the other end that I can control.

With love magick specifically, it helps to reach out to people, in particular others who are looking or who you already have something in common with. Random girls at Walmart may not be the best pick.

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You probably need a break to cool off for a while and rebalance your energies. Doing too much can cause your charkas to not flow as easily.

You might also have a parasite that has attached to you. But I would rebalance my energies first before coming to that conclusion.


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Just thinking along with you… Could it be that someone targeted you to weaken your work…? Could be any blockage in the lower chakra’s too, did anything happen regarding your self confidence? Also the important thing of letting go with love magick, are you maybe lusting for results too much…?

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Also banish and banish encase any entities are supping you up. Ask the spirits if anyone or anything is causing blockages within your magick.

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