How did he do it?

Well everything’s in the title :slight_smile:

Marc Spelmann gets the first Golden Buzzer of 2018 | Auditions Week 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2018 - YouTube

As amazing as it is, it’s still stage magic. It’s a craft that takes decades to master, and he is clearly at the top of his game, but it’s still “magic” and not “magick”


But HOW did he do it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pencil didn’t worked, ink was blocked, word in the book was already marked. The box he drops the cube into is prepared with stickers that attach themselfs to the face of the Rubik’s cube, crayons are glued…by far the greatest magic act of his was how he influenced on people emotions all over the world…

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The seperated tricks he presented for each judge can be easily explained, nothing special about them at all, you can find them in many magic books, and in many other shows. What makes his act unique is putting it all together in a very emotional and personal story.

My guess is that he collected the clips first, from his daughter’s videos, made the voice over to make it look like those videos were shot for the show years before the show actually happened… then based on that material, he prepared each trick and made the presentation to make them all connected in that personal emotional story… this connection is the real illusion. Not the separated tricks. That’s why he was given the highest vote because the judges were acting emotionally… they didn’t bother thinking about how each trick was made.

I first saw this video few weeks ago… and I had to watch it more than 5 times just to control my mind and think about how he did it without getting my emotions in the way… it was extremely difficult. Even now it’s hard to focus with the child on the screen and his wife in tears etc. Very well made, he deserved to win !

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