How demons manage evocations

As far as I understand, demons possess the ability to be envoked by multiple sorcerers simultaneously and be physically busy with something else.
Would it be possible for a human to attain a similar thing ? And if so how ?

Sorry, you’re asking if a person can be evoked by wizards and deal with other things at the same time? interesting question

it is what I’m asking yes, I apologise if I phrased it poorly

I’ve never attempted to evoke a person but allegedly some people involved with the site have evoked each other. ome pat of the spirit goes off to the ritual and the egoic soul within the human body continues about its day.

It is possible to develop two points of attention and have them run at the same time. I’ve had most success with this in dream states so far.

Perhaps look into references to ‘bi-location’ as an additional research point for preparatory immersion on evoking humans, to see cases where people have appeared in multiple locations.

There are references to this kind of thing being done in some forms of Buddhism where students evoke/contact their teachers from a distance or after they are dead.