How come my spirits don't appear in my dreams?

I’ve given my spirits permission multiple times to come into my dreams and get my attention someway, but they never seem to show up. Is there a reason why this is happening? Or do they appear and my dream self just doesn’t notice them?

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Are you a lucid dreamer?

Most people do not remember their dreams unless they train themselves to do so. It’s very possible that they do show up, but you simply don’t remember upon awakening.


Hiya OP! Most people have a very limited amount of ‘dream memory’ they can store, lucid dreamers are one subgroup that trains to expand the natural repository of dream memory. You could be holding entire war rooms in your dreams and just not remember them because of a lack of ‘space on your hard drive’! :slight_smile:


Do you keep a dream journal ?

They may be showing you things in your dream that are actually more valuable for you to know than them manifesting a form (I don’t think they have a true form, maybe a favorite form) just for validation. Even if they do appear to you a certain way many are shapeshifters. your mind is trying to figure out the madness and will often just give you a form. But don’t get dependent or flattered by an awesome form. They can change quicker than the flash.


Agreed. It’s more important to understand the messages they may want to get across in a dream than to see them. Developing your lucid dreaming faculties will make it much easier for you to receive new insights, and whether or not a spirit takes on a form is not really relevant imo. I’ve seen sigils clear as day in (lucid) dreams, heard their voices and even invoked them, and despite having a very close relationship (and having invited them into my dreams, too), I never actually had them appear in dreams, but that took nothing away from the meaningfulness and depth of the dreams. Maybe seeing their form can be somewhat distracting from the deeper level, because we’re all so trained to perceive through visuals rather than looking inward, if that makes sense.


I haven’t been able to Lucid Dream for years.

Yes, but I usually forget to write in it when I get up.

I know, but usually they appear to me in a form I recognize them in. And they usually keep that form when we talk (to my knowledge they usually keep that for when we talk.)

I get that, I guess I just want to be able to hang out with them more than I do while I’m the waking state, it’s hard sometimes. Because I’m dealing with lots of homework and chores, and I usually get sidetracked and go every which way. (Gotta love ADHD, lol)

Are these spirits you personally made contact with or spirits by means of spirit keeping?

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Spirits by means of spirit keeping.

When I was testing out the legitimacy of spirit keeping I had similar issues, the entities may or may not have learned to maneuver through dreams, dream-walking in and of itself is a skill that takes work and can be dangerous even if you’re close to the person, mainly because the mind is like a maze and some have natural defenses within that maze. So it could be that they are having a hard time, but like DarkestKnight mentioned lucid dreaming also plays a part in it.

My ex use to dream walk me and make my dreams lucid but he’d always mention how he had to get through a little mental maze first.

I see, that would make sense. What could I do to make it easier for them to get through?

I would learn lucid dreaming, atleast to some degree so that they can use you as the means of maneuvering safely.

Do you know of any good resources?

Could be a helpful tool

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I think they like to be in the shadows out of the limelight so to speak. They want you to live your life of free will. They don’t want to intervene your potential and free will. Part of living is for you to figure things out so there is soul growth. They are not there to hand everything on a platter.

Certain things are not meant for us. LIke seeing ghost. If everyone sees ghost and demons as if they are seeing physical world ,they will be distracted from living life. They might go insane and mentally crazy.