How come it's hard trying to contact Naamah?

I’ve been saying Naamahs enn for 3 days now and I have no idea why she won’t show up… Any help well be much appreciate it

I don’t think it is but evocation they have a choice to answer the call or not. Give it time, but don’t pester since it’s like spam calling them.

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Look up @Uncle-Al 's post on Naamah.

He has a lot of good info on connecting with Naamah.

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Just saying an enn doesn’t qualify as an evocation. It is simply an invocation of the spirit’s energy. You aren’t actually summoning the spirit itself, so they may or may not show up.

Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry and are more akin to a prayer than a command to come.


Naamah is extremely easy to contact as her spiritual realm is so close to our own. Ask her to enter your dreams or give visions in meditation. Try a full 108 recitations of her enn, then visualize her sigil in your mind and allow her to come to you. Be open to whatever form she comes to you in. Especially if you’re not well developed then the form itself will be a message. She could also just send a song, a scent, emotions etc. She’s sweet and strong, and very teasing and playful.


@SetebaidEsrever k thanks! I’ll be sure to look him up!

@DarkestKnight oooh okay

@Narsonix really? Oh I had no idea…I know I’ve read some things on her but none of them mentioned that

Also do u guys know any other sigils I can possibly use?

Oh wait nevermind. I found some.