How can you tell if you are actually in communication with a spirit?

Hey guys. So this poses as a silly question, I know. But I am asking from a viewpoint where I’ve not actually have developed my astral senses to its fullest potential and I understand that this takes time to develop. It’s been on-off for me and has been about a year or two. When I perform an evocation or at least just talk to the spirit, I do get results but I’m at the point where I am unsure if my results are just meant to be or if the spirit is at work with me. For example, I wanted to pass an exam and I was shocked to have even passed it.

Is it the results that we solely rely on in order to tell if we don’t have the astral senses, or must they be able to communicate in dreams as well to assure that you are working/communicating with the spirit?
I have the ability to lucid dream though. Thanks.

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My belief is that magic is not something we do, it is something we are.

Therefore, my recommendation is to adopt the stance that every ritual you perform is successful.

What’s the qualitative difference? You received your desired outcome, that’s awesome.

Then you should be even more proud of yourself for being so successful with ritual.

I am personally results-focused, and everything else is a nice side-effect. Yep, I’ll take the spiritual and personal growth, protection, UPG, words of wisdom, dark nights of the soul, all of that. But I want my results.

Results do not rely on astral senses. Or rather, or in tandem, do not even rely on a close relationship with whichever entity you petition. I have entities I am not “close” with, who I have a 100% success rate with. I have entities I am close with who show up in my space whenever it pleases them, but sometimes when I try and ceremonially evoke them or invite them into my space, they’re nowhere to be found. The latter have far more impression on my astral senses. It would be great to hear every entity speak back to me, but at the end of the day, they deliver, and I give my thanks and rewards.

Dream communication is a different matter entirely, and I would say it’d be best to approach it the same way as you do in waking life. It might make it easier to see or speak with entities, but I’ve seen entities in dreams who have shown up a few times, spoken zero words to me, and still been massively important in my waking life.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


That’s true in what you say. Thank you for re-enforcing that. And yes, I received my desired outcome but I tend to develop concerns as to whether I can receive warnings from that spirit so that I do not anger the spirit to the point it doesn’t show up in my dreams anymore. I have a desire to connect with that spirit fully. Currently, I am working on my clairaudience and I see improvement with it very gradually over the months. But yes, I guess the results are enough to enforce that I am still in contact with the spirit.


I would argue that evocation of spirits is one of the most unreliable ways of obtaining esoteric knowledge. There are some who can do it, whose minds are trained enough to be in the state of consciousness necessary to have actual communication with these spirits, but for most, their own mind interferes too much.

So even if you are able to communicate directly, be wary of what is said, for if you don’t go through a great deal of training, your mind will interfere greatly.


I wouldn’t worry too much about pissing spirits off. As long as you’re basically respectful and civil and neutrally friendly, the same way you would be when meeting a new human acquaintance. :slight_smile:

Not sure how new you are to practice, or how you operate, although in my personal experience the spirits who wish to be close to you will show up in such a way that they cannot be ignored. Yeah it’s nice to have some snatches of back-and-forth communication with everyone, but just like how every human acquaintance you meet won’t be a close friend, not every entity you call to will be a close and guiding influence.

Hopefully that makes sense :thinking:


I’m still new to this practice. The way I was introduced was when I felt a close connection to King Paimon 2-3 years ago and images of him wouldn’t leave my mind and feeling a presence of him in my room. My biggest regret was not jumping into communication with him because I felt that I wasn’t ready. Throughout those years, I remained in contact with him by seeing results, but no longer sensing him in the way I have strongly years back. Given that I no longer sense him as strongly as before, signs were easily ignored. I’ve suspected I may have pissed him off over petty situations I wasn’t able to get pass myself but I’ve grown from them and now things are different - hoping that the past no longer matters and I may still connect with him the way I had years back. Still, I get results when I call his name requesting for small matters like an exam.

And yes, that does make sense.


OK, that gives good context :slight_smile:

Don’t stress too much about it; Paimon having the title of a “demon” does not mean he’s some evil Sith lord. I have had minimal contact with him but in my experience he is quite benevolent and tolerant. I’ve ignored signs from other entities before and none of them have ever gotten angry with me; they’ve only gotten more persistent (or waited until the time is right).

And again, read my previous post. The entities that have made the most effort to reach me, are the ones who are most close to me. We do choose our own path, but in the same way, the path chooses us as well.

Getting results when specifically petitioning him is a good sign. Don’t let the past trouble you, just keep trying to contact him. :muscle: Maybe you feel like he isn’t listening, but then maybe a day will come when he shows up completely unannounced and demands your attention, without you calling on him at all.


Thank you. I appreciate your responses. This is very helpful.

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No worries mate. Keep going, and you will see momentum build, I know it. I wish you all the best on your journey with Paimon. :four_leaf_clover: :bouquet:

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Thanks! :smiley:

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You and I are quite similar. I started 2 years ago and still haven’t caught onto the whole “experience” stick that most people on here say.

I am heavily focused on brining beings into my dreams to get a clear answer and to ask questions. It’s not easy but you need to have a repeating mindset to do it, try every night, look at patterns, write them down, that sort of stuff.

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Thanks, I’ve been doing that lately. It really does help!

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