How Can You Make Hate Work For You?

I have noticed that for some reason I have a lot of hate lately (probably due to watching too much news), and wonder if THAT could be a reason why my rituals and spells have backfired on me.

Is there any way to make the emotion of hate work FOR you? I know I need to work on it, but I tend to see things only in black / white, and either LOVE something or HATE something. I have a hard time seeing the gray.

I’ve found that when people fuck me over, bad things always happen to them shortly after, and sometimes it ends up being terribly ironic. This is without any hexing or cursing and solely focusing on hate/intent and sending it back their direction. I’m not so sure you could use hate to achieve any goal, but it seems to have its uses.

Your aura behaves how your emotions direct your desire. The stronger the aura, the stronger the karmic consquence of those with weaker auras who attack you.

If you hate someone. Your aura attacks them in some way. This is why the “stink eye” exists. Its intention.
This is why you get a chill up your spine and turn around to see some dude staring acrossed the park at you. Youre sensing his aura of discontent for you.

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You may hate the problem you’re trying to solve with the spell or ritual, although maybe this isn’t advisable when there is people involved which you prefer to not harm.

Hiya OP! I have a simple suggestion for you: form a servitors out of that hate! By creating a conscious interface for the energy, you can give it direction and command it into compliance. If you get it right, you make a demon! :slight_smile: