How can we evoke myself?

So I’m just wondering how exactly can I evoke my spirit self? Is there something I need to know before doing this if I hadn’t done it before? I tried to search this but I couldn’t seem to find on how

I am assuming its the same as when someone else evokes you! You will call on your name and treat it as an independent person! The difference will be that you will push it out of you to evoke it and then take it back to you instead of banishing it!

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Your spiritual self is more of evoking a projection of you. You’re more likely to get results from evocation which in this case will just trigger a kind of soul searching. You can do it by making a sigil for yourself or even petitioning yourself.

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Okay. Got it so just imagine my spirit self pushing out and materialize in front of me?

Yes should work

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I’ve never heard of someone doing this , do you prefer to your spiritual body ? Or your higher self ? Your guardian angel , which one

Given he said spiritual self, guardian angel is out of the question.

You don’t need to ‘evoke’ your energy, although if you mean what people call you’re Higher Self, then that’s a different hint entirely. In that case, you just need to get into a meditative trance and invite them to talk with you.

If you are looking to bring out your astral form, that uses basic energy manipulation techniques and knowledge of your own energy.

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Would I need to k ow my magical name to do so? I haven’t Found mine yet

magical names aren’t needed and aren’t a objective thing.

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K. Thank you! =)