How can Thalos help me AP/OBE?

Got a simple question here, how can I go about getting this spirit/demon to help me AP/OBE? Would I have to evoke him for example? Or can I simply just visualize his sigil and call him at the back of my mind?

Help appreciated beyond belief, cheers guys.

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If you have his sigil, then simple sigil magic will get you started. Use a visualization of yourself Soul Travelling while you open the sigil. I might even go with one of those silly paintings where a ghostly form is stepping out of a sleeping body.

Going to try this today actually.

Going to try this today actually.[/quote]
so how was it?

They say that if you sleep with the demon’s sigil under your pillow there will be chances that you may learn to do either or both, without any practise. They can help you in this matter. A Demonolator had once told me that working with a demons and astral projection came hand in hand with him.

I did this same thing with King Paimon a few months back. I anointed his sigil with blood and put it under my pillow because of a particular pathworking I was working with that required me to contact him and the four Tsephim under his authority. The ritual itself worked out great and I couldn’t recommend him more for soul travel.

I have to thank him for the solipsist mind-fuck crisis I went through but all is good.