How can someone become an angel and demon at the same time? do they have a name? "graymon"?

A gray, following Light and dark
Angel and demon

Never heard of a “graymon”.

The only Graymon i know haha



graymon is a digimon :skull:


Well, in Christian theology, all demons are angels. They’re the 1/3rd of the angelic host that rebelled and fell with Lucifer.

My own unverified personal gnosis is that demons are the actual original article and the angels are kind of knock-offs manufactured by the Demiurge in an attempt to replace them.

As far as becoming one, you already are one. We all started out as them. Some of us have enslaved ourselves to the Demiurge, however, and have become something else. Hollow, potentially egoless beings who exist only to be empty vessels for YHVH’s monstrous ego.

Just my opinion…


I’ve never heard of ANYONE “becoming” an angel or demon.


On the MI3/Tomekeeper website there was the opinion that, in the practicioner, one side is bound to prevail on the other. Still, a few times I visualized my let’s say soul as demonic at the left and angelic at the right (also following 1-2 things read, maybe on this forum).

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See beyond duality. There is power, and the nature of said power

I work both sides of that current. I also work with Enochian and Ahrimanian. All should be at odds yet there is harmony

It doesn’t overlap until you’re deep in enough to know how to deal with it

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He did, he just buried the requisite information in the 6th post in his intro thread, after other members asked him to properly introduce himself. He has no experience in magick.



Ok :ok_hand: just thought I would mention it as I didn’t see his intro

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As noted, “demons” and “angels” are the same kind of entity, of different sides of xtian judgmental attitudes. I call them celestials, personally.

In my cosmology, you are already a celestial, incarnate into a human body. You will never die, because death is not a thing, you only discard the body and you can reincarnate as another human and forget who you are again, or keep your memories and go and do something else.

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I’m quite curious, how did you acquire this personal gnosis?

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Neither have I. Wouldn’t it just be a fallen angel or something?

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Angels and demons don’t mix in that way. Being gray has nothing to do with angels and demons in the first place. However, it makes no sense for demons to be “original” and angels to be knock offs given there’s various types of demons and angels not just infernal demons and Judeo angels, and it makes pretty much no sense for one to even remotely be a knock off of the other, just because a angel can choose to become a demon (or any other race of being for that matter) doesn’t exactly tie to knock off.

Also no that’s not true lol, becoming one even in soul wise you’d have to either reach out to said angels or said demons or creators of them such as judeo angels to Canaanite Yahweh or demons reaching out to Lucifer, Lilith, and various other beings tied to demons like Ereshkigal, Nergal, Tiamat, Pazuzu, and so forth. It’s how soul transmutations work.

One person’s soul may differ from another’s but telling someone they already are something they very well may not be will misguide them.


They told me. Lilith and Samael.

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Except it’s not correct, they told you what you wanted to hear


I’d personally ask Gods who have ties to angels and demons, Ma’ati angels, Erote angels, Judeo angels, or Tiamat’s demons, Ereshkiegal’s demons, Pazuzu’s demons, and so forth. I highly doubt Ma’at or Aphrodite were like "let me copy these demons but make it :sparkles: angel :sparkles: " lol