How can I use my magick to help others?

Hey guys, Im pretty new to everything magick but I was wondering if there was any way I could heal myself and others with it?


Core shamanism is great for this, I will send you part 1 of my tutorial. :+1:


Thank you!

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Could i get a link to that too please?

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There are many ways you could help with magic:

  1. Healing
  2. Shamanism
  3. Divination (to help others gain insight)
  4. Knowledge (to help others learn more about things)

The way I help others is by helping them gain knowledge and answer as many of their questions as I can.


You give off great vibes. I want to also advise that studying the magic is only half the road you seek. You can study all you want but It needs to be put into practical application as well.

I see that you like healing so that’s a great place to start!


Thank you! Im on a quest for knowledge but Ill also save up to buy incredients.

I think it’ll be fullfilling to help others

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Helping other is apparently woven into your journey to help yourself. There’s so many roads you can choose.

I have learned spirit healing in degree 2. It’s a bit similar but diffrent than reiki. But I don’t use it in that way I learned. I check the persons body and take the “virus” out… Healed my mother. She had breast cancer.

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