How can I summon astral weapons?

I’ve heard about some people summoning and using astral weapons (like swords made of holy fire) here on this forum. How can you do that? I would also appreciate some info on this topic.


You just visualize it.


Hey there @Kuki16 . Like @anon496642 just said you visualize it, the weapon, however there’s one more aspect of this that I feel is very important to mention, and that is in addition to seeing the weapon/weapons you have to feel the weapon as well. Visualizing is is the foundation but your other senses need to be incorporated as well for ultimate effectiveness. When you can see and feel the weight of the weapon, perhaps even the texture of the leather of the handle, or the heat of the flames then it’s more than ready to be used on a target.


Can I for example hold a toy weapon and imagine it’s an astral one and will it be effective?

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You can imagine a knife in your hand and begin stabbing your target with it.
You can ALSO hold a real knife, then imagine the knife in your astral hand and stab your target.
This goes with any weapon, and tool, for whatever reason.
The book by E.A. Koetting, Baneful Magick.
The chapter Psionics and Spiritual Warfare, talks about this.
The Dungeons And Dragons ebooks give lots of spells and tools and weapons to use, just by using your imagination.
It’s up to each person to decide what weapon, tool will work for them in any situation. For better or worse, Killing or healing, or protection.