How can I silence or bind meddlers to save my marriage?

I have done some research but want to know what is simple and effective that I can do to get someone to not listen to others?

In my situation my wife’s are putting negative thoughts and talking shit about me to her to where she is starting to believe it. We have been trying to repair our relationship but they keep meddling and are now getting in her head.

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I wish I knew how but I don’t.

Maybe she can help?


Short of a freeze spell (may not be possible) I’m not sure what beginner-friendly methods could be used, but I changed your topic title to be more descriptive, and maybe get better answers.

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Well not sure how easy it be but there are a few chants in chantomatics that can be usefull for you
Other than that ive had decent success with some of gallary if magic books one spell stop gossip and slander id have go home look up wich book its in if your interested

Thanks that would be great or if you could send me a message of what the spells would be.

Thanks Lasy Eva. Are there any spells that you could suggest that might not be beginner friendly it don’t require a lot since I can’t set up too much being in the same house as her?

Well since you are in same house start collecting her hair and snag something of hers shes worn make a poppet doll use some commanding oil or bend over oil tie doll up put tape over its mouth ectra doesn’t have be big just need somewhere hide it

Thanks. Why the tape over the mouth?

Stop them from talking of course