How can I send private messages in this forum?

It was explained to you by @Huginn that the linked article simply explains how the basic Discourse software works. The information contained does NOT apply to specific applications such as this forum.

Like most software, Discourse can be customized to whatever level is required, so the settings of this forum are set beyond the basics of 15 days.

Instead of worrying so much about being able to PM, why not actually start contributing to the community? Putting so much emphasis on private messaging is highly suspicious behavior and may lead to being flagged for the moderators.


Hey I saw that you edited my post… Am I not allowed to put email in a post ???

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It’s best if you don’t - firstly, bots crawl the net looking for e-mails and you’ll get spammed like crazy, secondly and more importantly, this is a forum about conversations held openly, so, asking people to e-mail you is kind of selfish (unintentionally I’m sure :slight_smile: ) in that it requires people give you 1-2-1 answers that are forever hidden and no-one else can learn from.

Finally, asking people to e-mail opens the door to scammers and spammers to pull the same tactic, “Oh please e-mail me” so they can harvest addresses to spam or even harass forum members. Bad actors exist and are forever looking for loopholes!

So, that’s why we ask people don’t do it, there is a forum personal message system I explained in the notification when I edited your address out, though again for simple tutorials and information, it’s best to have that conversation on the forum instead of trerating the forum like a metting place to form conversations elsewhere… things would get very tumbleweeds-and-silence if that became the norm. :scream_cat:

Forums are primarily about public conversations, learning, and sharing. :+1:

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Ok thanks I was just curious.

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No probs, always happy to answer. :+1:

I’ll be sending you a PM later with lots of info and links in, just woke up and need some coffee first! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Info bout what?

Wait and see, young padawan… :wink:

(Srs answer? Magick, like where the good info is on here, and how to use the forum. So, not recipes for cake, expositions on the meaning of flowers in the works of Shakespeare, or diagrams of a lobster’s anatomy or anything. :thinking: )

Can you send me stuff on how to invoke spirits without theta? I heard it is not necessary for invocation which helps me because I have a blockage

Nope, I’m not offering to coach you 1-2-1 and in private (because, see above) - I am just explaining I’ll send you useful info later so you have some links and so on. :+1:


Hopefully i can get to pm too.