How can I send private messages in this forum?

Question is in the header.
Please help.

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You must earn “member” badge, not sure what exactly must be done to get this but for me it took few days and during them i made few answers in some topics etc. So basicly you must participate in forum life for some time before you will be able to send pm messages^^


PMs automatically kick in based on forum activity. It has to do with the number of posts, topics made, and likes given/received. Not sure why you do not have the ability yet, as you have been more active than @Lenta, and have made more posts and topics. I’ll flag so the moderator can take a look.


Yeah I bumped your membership manually, don’t know what the exact numbers are because we have slightly customised settings but you can do them now. :+1:


Help is on the way.

Sorry if that’s a bit intrusive.

Thanks a lot. I am a member now.


Welcome to the members only club :smiling_imp:


Welcome member :wink:

I am onto becoming a Regular… Slowly but surely.

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Hello Admin,

How long will it take for me to reach the member status? I would also like to send a private message.

Thank you.

OK, so funny thing just happened. Either you work with lightning speed or I just got my member status automatically.

And when i get member?

You just joined an hour ago. You will not have the ability to send PM’s until you have been active on the forum.

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Yes but PM are always better more anynomous (idk what the trust level purpouse is)

Trust level is controlled by the software, and is based on how much you contribute to the community. As a new member, you CANNOT send private messages to people. However, members can send messages to you, and you can reply to them.

This helps prevent new members from harassing regular members with endless questions that are easily answered in the forum proper.

You will not get PM privileges until you reach a certain threshold of activity, and there is no set time limit. It depends entirely on how much you contribute to the community as a whole and could take a week, a month or longer to reach.


This should help you get a rough idea buddy


thanks for the link

Edit in this link basic trust level (1) not member allow private msg

It was changed on this forum that’s just for the bones of the site


ah ok thanks
so i must now only be active 15 days?

I told you, there is no specific amount of time. Contribute to the forum and it will happen, but there is no set timeline for hitting the threshold. For some it has taken a few days, but for others it has taken a month or more.

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But in prevorius link it says 15 days (edited 2 times because of my fault)