How can I practice omnipotence for evocation secret?

As the title says I need to figure out how to practice evocation in private. I need to do this because my family is christian. And if they find out they would freak out and try to get me exercised from what ever demon put these thoughts in my head. So does anyone have any ideas any suggestions are appreciated.


I just sent you a tutorial for “core shamanism” which I think is the best way to get into astral worlds etc., so check your “Messages” tab. :slight_smile:

As a side note, I’m in a similar position with college roommates. My altar is a piece of parchment with an inverted pentagram on, two candles and the sigil of the spirit I want to contact on a separate piece of paper. Evocations can be conducted entirely on the astral and can be done with a whisper if noise is an issue for you. Mine are being done in a tiny bathroom cubicle, whispering and they work just fine. I can’t do full materialisation since I don’t have a Manifestation base, but I don’t need it, the Energy is distinct enough as it is.

OP you can do it all silently. If you find a copy if Modern Magick DMK covers “The Voice” which is his way of silently using conjurations. Afterwards you can meet the spirits in your dreams if you learn to lucid dream.

Also I want to see Theres a Way and Azael’s avatars fight.

Hey Lady Eva is there anyway you could send me a copy of core shamanism?

Done, check your inbox! :slight_smile:

Actually i find my Ritual, be it Evocation etc… to be more succesful more fluid when i do the Conjuration, Incantation etc… Quietly in my Mind

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Can you please also send a copy my way. Thanks

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:6, topic:8565”]Done, check your inbox! :slight_smile:

Could you please send me a copy as well, if you don’t mind, thanks :)[/quote]

I can’t have an altar at all because the person I still live with is totally against my beliefs although I found between his things a silver cup used in satanic rituals and a silver bell…maybe he had bad experiences in the past but they come in handy for me

What a hell? My message above was cut in half and only half of it was posted. I wonder if the other half went somewhere else? Like my internet activity is tracked ?

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Hello Lady_Eva. Can you send me the tutorial that you mensioned?

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