How can I make this girl want me?

So, I’ve just found something.
This wait is inside of you. Being reflected somehow. You’re the source of it. Do you get how to change this?

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I am sorry. I don’t.

Sorry, then. My intuition is telling me to help you but I’m not confident enough in my abilities.

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You can always help me. I’m open for it. I do not judge, at all.

Ignore her and almost insult her, girls like that for some reason. I think in part most women are looking for someone to protect them.

The cute emojiis don’t mean much, I use sometimes to get attention.

Spell wise do a cord cutting breakup to seal it magick wise.

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There is a time in any persons lives where they hit some wall, a blockade. The reason it looks so insurpassable with your effort is because your efforts are towards the result of your problem and your cause is being ignored.

We all have this reflection of these things in our lives within us. What we ARE is what we get. So the things you think and say and act upon make your surroundings. That being said, it’s not always easy to identify what these things are. However, tarot does it nicely, and looking at how you feel when facing the problem can help as well.

This is the part of the process that I can’t word. Telling you the process, for me, is like trying to describe what red looks like. If you can identify how it reflects in you, you can find that it’s reflected in your mind, body and soul. or energy.

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send her this tune and sign it with your name -

she will either reply with -
What makes you think im alone in my bed ?
Are you serious ?

See chicks aint so complex really.


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I’d say it depends on the girl. A girl friend of mine got really turned off by a guy who did this to her. They ended up not dating anymore.

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I don’t believe there to be any surefire way to garner the sexual spark of a woman. I think first and foremost you have to be aesthetically attractive, and by that I mean that women find you attractive and men objectively state you as a handsome fellow. If you can drum up envy and animosity in a group of females by just being there, you know you “have it”.

Attitude and mein also plays its part and may even remove the need to be the aforementioned. Do not attempt to be ergonomic; that is to say, do not conform to social trends surrounding the exaltation of women beyond their proclivities and do not change your nature or behaviour to make her life easier. Be an immovable object with a “take it or leave it” mentality. Stoicism is the aim of the game here.

Hmm. I haven’t heard this before, which makes me curious. What are the mechanics behind why this is done?


Morality aside, you could get some physical link to her and bind her to you. Or you could also create a physical link to yourself, do the magick and get the link to her.

Roll up in your lambo