How can I make this girl want me?

She’s got a boyfriend but she’s almost breaking up. It started normal but now I’ve come up to a point where she’s sending me hearts and kisses. I’ve been working with the archangel Haniel to make her love me but all the time she doesn’t start the conversation herself. It’s always me who does.

How can I make the situation hurry up? Or is it wiser to embrace the patience? I think she has not decided yet.

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If you have Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand you could ask Metatron to help you see what magick would be most appropriate.

It’s difficult to say exactly what you should do, mostly because we are strangers on a forum and we don’t know all the details.

Life and human relationships are complex and there are a lot of factors that you should consider. Metatron can guide you better than a stranger could since he can see the bigger picture.

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If she doesn’t like you for who you are, it is not worth it.

Ofc, you can improve yourself. Become the best person you can be. If that still doesn’t work, then find somebody else.


Agares, Sitri, Beleth, Amon, Sallos, Gaap, Dantalion. If you want more details ask me


whats with these types of comments? I thought this was a forum for magic not advice


Magic can only amplify what exists already it cannot do all the work for a change in reality


Yes please.

Try to get her to do this, tell her you want to disprove it, or something:

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Isn’t it going to make it obvious that I want her? I’d like to play a best friend until she falls for me completely.

IF that is a good option.

Humans are tribal, we lived in big tribal families, if she sees you as a non-sexual friendly being she will lose any desire for you and find you disgusting if you make advances.

This is to prevent incest, it’s some kind of deep-coded thing we have (I think men have something like it as well) where if we classify someone as a friend, the spark goes.

So I don’t advise that, the friendzone is a real thing (happened to me one with a guy I liked, and I got creeped out one time when someone I thought was a friend made advances on me).

I’m not great at advising on this but start flirting with her in a teasing kind of way, and look up advice on how to make advances to girls, but don’t try to be a friend, that’s an awful move.


Eshaliah “can create love where there is none”. (from 72 Angels of Magick)

However your approach will depend on whether you wish for a relationship, or a hookup.

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I think that this is true. Thinking back there had been only two male friends in my life I’ve felt sexually attracted to, everybody else was on “brother” terms with me and you want to keep your brother out of your bed.


So you liked him but you didn’t like him making advances? To get into a woman’s mind (especially high class, good physique and nice face), I feel like a stranger in no man’s land.

I guess I will plan things out carefully and I’ll try to make advances.

The most important thing imo, is to work with spirits to improve myself, before anything else goes.

Thanks, I’ll do what you said while proving it’s false, hopefully I can qualify first before I start anything rash.

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I’ll try and find out if she is using heart and kisses emojis as a tool to flirt or keep me in friend-zone.

I’ll try Haniel to read her mind.

Get this then: it was the fact I liked him that made his advances feel so disgusting. Once you’re in that safe-zone of a great guy, a friend, someone we trust, “brother from another mother” (etc) there’s very little chance of getting out of it and becoming an attractive would-be mate.

Most women can get hot for a relative stranger, or even someone whose personality we dislike. I fancied someone at my workplace one time and I couldn’t stand his stupid personality, but if I’d been less shy, and things had been different, I’d have tried to bed him.


I’m prepared now. I think I’ll ignore her and after a week or two I’d already have worked with a spirit to make her believe she started it on her own.

In the meantime I will think of the things that are positive for my future as a distraction.

Never have I known this by the way (what you said). Golden reply.


if she’s attracted to you when you meet, she’ll turn her hips towards you, so they’re facing you straight-on even if she’s looking away, also her feet, I mean I’m not young and very happily not single, but even I catch myself doing this in public near attractive men! :laughing:

If she’s NOT doing that, watch if there’s a man in the group she is angling towards, especially her hips - he’s the one she wants. It’s not a conscious thing we do, and most younger women won’t even know they’re doing it.

Do some reading on the dreaded friendzone as well, there’s a lot of crap advice out there (“smile more, send her texts constantly” are the worst) but there’s also a lot of useful stuff.

And remember, she’s not a man, she’s got very different psychological wiring, and sites that pretend otherwise are giving bad advice.


be a bit more patient. your fruits will be a lot sweeter


Hi there ! Glad u asked… I used the good old staring at sigil and enn chanting , These are rapid demons and all I could get from 72 goetia

Agares - rean ganen ayar da Agares

Agares abilities: to urge action in one who is hesitant or undecided

Sitri - Lirach alora vefa Sitri

Sitri abilities: to cause a named individual to be enflamed with passion for you, to give you an aura of lustful power

Beleth - Lirach tasa vefa wehl Beleth

Beleth abilities: to encourage a named individual to be aroused with sexual love for you

Amon - avage secore Amon ninan

Amon abilities: to cause a named individual to have romantic feelings for you

Sallos - serena alora Sallos aken

Sallos abilities: to inspire somebody to feel a love for you that causes strong desire and determination to enact that love

Gaap - deyan anay tasa Gaap

Gaap abilities: to cause a named person to lust after you

Dantalion - avage ayer Dantalion on ca

Dantalion abilities: to change the thoughts and feelings of a named individual


i wud say use sitri for lust and use sallos for love.
they will definately help and u ll feel the difference.