How can i learn to enjoy reading

I try to teach myself to enjoy reading but thanks to my dyslexia. Thanks to that, I cannot understand or remember what I have read. is there anything that can help?

English is not my native language so sorry for grammatical errors

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Read a book about something you’re interested in. If you like books about magic, read a book about magic.
You don’t have to remember everything you read. Most people don’t remember everything they read.

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Try using the Quizlet App or Website. It allows you to make digital flashcards. You can play memory games with the terms (or other things) you create. You can study them by practicing matching the front and back of the cards. Or, you can just read them for practice.

It works wonders :slight_smile:
Or, you can just use regular flashcards. The games make it interesting though :slight_smile:

(BTW your english was great!)


Not all stories are books only.

Some stories have movie, anime and even game adaptions, start with those adaptions to learn the various character names, backgrounds and so on.
If you love the story, the characters, all about those adaptions you will feel attracted towards the books only to have more, and you will start with the advantage of not having to imagine how characters look like or even learn who is who.

Adaptions tends to be slightly or completely different but the base is often the same, so you will not have as many problems with forgetting or understanding what is going on.

Some examples I can suggest you are Harry Potter, interview with a vampire by Anne Rice or game of thrones… All three of them have adaptions outside books.


I’ve got a mild case myself and I found that reading about things I really enjoyed and wanting to know the information helped me push on until my mind adjusted but I still sometimes have a hiccup here and there when reading for a very long time or writing for a long time and when doing speed math every once and a while.
General George S Patton had dyslexia and I do believe that this is what he did to get through military school.