How can I incite addiction?

I’ve been working to curse my enemy but other than some minor misfortune not much is happening. I did a vinegar jar, then a break up spell with Astaroth to target their relationship. I read somewhere here I think that targeting a weakness can give good results. My enemy’s weakness is addiction and I was hoping someone here might have some ideas as to how I can use this against the enemy.

how long ago did you do these?

how long between the jar and the spell?

They were done around feb/mar with about 3 weeks between.

Thank you, I’ll look him up.

If you want to spark addiction you need to incorporate that into the spellwork. Even if you don’t have materials imagine the senses they feel when doing the drug and gently ease it on to them, may take a few tries because they may resist.


Ok, I’ll add that feeling during the ritual. Shouldn’t be too much resistance because the addiction is already there. I want to make it more crippling so they can’t function daily or fight me off, eventually ruin their life. One more piece ya know.


Iblis + the Djinn “Beqasmin

Ritual 1(Introduction):

Firstly. explain everything to Lord Iblis during a ritual. Explain the whole situation to him. Do not try to to hide anything from him as he will know everything. Treat him as a friend and tell him why its so important for you to see this enemy removed. If you try to simply ‘use’ him and forget, it will backfire badly. Give him an offering. i recommend candles+incense+your own energy. Let me know that you want Beqasmin’s help and co-operation in this.

Ritual 2(Death Knell):

Start with a thanks to Lord Iblis and request him for assistance during the ritual. Once the ritual begins, try to get as angry as possible. If you cannot be angry naturally, maybe watch some youtube videos that are bound to make you angry. Call upon Beqasmin and try to feel his presence. He is one of the most powerful djinn’s in existence so be very careful. Do try to ‘talk’ or ‘reason’ with him for he is not human-friendly(he is only here because of Iblis). If you have done the first ritual correctly, he already knows why he is here. Now it’s upto you to direct your anger and hate towards your target. Ask him to destroy your enemy, be creative. His specialty is destroying those who have had there fill of alcohol by causing them painful death in sleep. Visualize these outcome clearly, over and over again until you know that it has already happened. End the ritual by thanking Iblis.


What kind of enemy??

This looks great but I’ve never worked with him before. Does Lord Iblis require ongoing worship or offerings? I ask because you say use him and forget will cause backfire.

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I pm’d you

No, he does not require ongoing worship. Even in the first ritual, you don’t have to worship him. But treat him with respect and adoration for he is incredibly powerful(he is the ‘lucifer’ of Islam). He is not the kind of deity who should be used and forgotten for he is incredibly wise and understanding with humans. The Djinns(which are under his control) are hostile to humanity however, so it will be beneficial for you to go through him first. The Djinns are not like the spirits of the Goetia and they do not like humans. So being in the presence of the Djinns or becoming too close to them can be harmful to humans. Basically what I am trying to say is that if you maintain good relationship with Iblis, he will be there for you for life(specially if you need help from the Djinns) . He is one of the top of the food chain kind of spirit and can also help you with finances, divination and defence and much much more.

Ok thanks for clarifying that. He sounds like a great spirit to have on my side. I’ve heard that about the djinn too and that there are different kinds of them. I’ve never tried contacting them before but this seems like a good time to go for it.