How can I Help My Spouse Understand My Path?

Tonight I finally brought up to my wife during general conversation the option of considering something different, I brought up Lucifer and her response was the typical response, “the bad one, the one from hell”? I said immediately no, Lucifer is very welcoming, loving and a strong teacher. I told her he is misunderstood due to the bullshit of the Christian church or in her case that Catholic church. She did not want to her me out, it’s all bad in her eyes. She knows where I stand. My ring is a ring with Lucifers sigil.

How do I, how did you convince your loved ones, your significant other, my wife in my case to have an open mind so you could share with them the incredible energy, power, love, understanding ect that come with this path we’ve chosen?

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Stop trying to convince them.

My first boyfriend was into black Magick, summoned something he couldn’t banish, and was more or less permanently possessed by an entity that loved to torment me (the fact that he was such a horrible boyfriend didn’t help). It was terrifying, and completely put me off the idea of ever doing Magick with him (I was a “white witch” at this point).

It’s taken me nearly half of my life to get to this point on my own.

Go about your business. It’s fine to let them see your successes, but don’t boast about them (it can put people off). If there comes a point at which they’re ready to learn more, they’ll come to you.


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Personally I have never told anyone about this, no family ,no friends. My family is consisted of die-hard Christians and I would be in for an awfully long and enraging preaching if I were to tell them.
Of course ,you can convince your wife that this path is nothing like what it’s portrayed by the Christian church.
Talk to her about how it is all about self empowerment and ascend. Explain how you feel when working with the entities you have a relationship with and tell her that fear is out of the equation in the path you’ve chosen. Reveal knowledge passed to you by the entities and let her see the world through your eyes.
And just a quick tip, that I would follow if I wanted to convince someone in my family:
Let her feel Lucifer’s energy. Evoke/Invoke him and ask him to let her feel his presence. :slight_smile:

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@Poppet It’s not bad to try to help someone and open their eyes though. True, if they insist on their path of blindness you should leave 'em be. But not before you have tried to change their mind.

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You don’t.

You do not go door-to-door on saturdays telling people the end is near but they’ll be saved if they become mormons. This is the same. Just… don’t. Otherwise, you’re opening the door for others to do the same to you. Best case scenario. Worst case… well, I don’t want to even think about it.


This isn’t just a boyfriend or girlfriend, this is my wife. I don’t want to force this life upon her but I do want to try and show her the this life style, the life, love and freedom that Lord’s and Kings such as Lucifer can offer.

I myself have yet to work with Lucifer, I feel I have a lot to work on before I offer myself as a student to Lucifer. Yet I have a strong urge, calling and desire to work with and follow Lucifer, I feel as tho he is my true father and cant wait for the day to learn and grow from his knowledge.

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Problem is, unless she chooses to break from that mindset that she knows, then it wont happen.

Similar situation, trust.


Honestly, best to follow your own path and show it is something good for you. Show that you can dive into all this “evil” and still be a good person through your actions. Talk is cheap, and words alone will not convince someone to change their believes. Her opinion could be changed by observing your actions though.

As far as whether or not she takes the plunge herself, that is all her choice.


Allow her her own path.

Just as we all hate various religious people proselytising at us, it seems a bit disingenuous to try and “convert” someone. Magick is NOT religion, and does not require converts.

It is fine to discuss your path with your wife, and tell her how much it means to you, but do not make it a condition of the relationship, because, while It might mean everything to you, it doesn’t to her and you may end up having to choose between them.

The only thing that is really required is that she understand that it is something important to you, and that when you are engaged in it, she let you be. She doesn’t have to do it with you, and she doesn’t have to allow heaping clouds of incense to fill the house, but she does need to give you the space for your rituals and so forth.

A working relationship requires each partner to have a part of their lives that is separate from the other, that gives them time to themselves, to relax and decompress, and do their own thing. My advice, would be to find somewhere away from the home to perform your rituals so that you have that separation, and your wife doesn’t have to worry about shadows on the walls and strange noises.


Plant little seeds in her mind here and there and lead by example.


What if she came to you and asked you to join the Catholic Church? What if she told you that God isn’t as bad as all those black magicians say he is? If she supports your path without trying to convert you then you should probably support hers.

All that being said; if you are trying to convert each other, I believe that is the bigger issue.

Honestly converting someone unless they show some kind of interest is kind of hard. My wife is now exploring black magick because she has seen some of the results that have happened in my and her life. Naturally she is a bit leary because of her up bringing but she’s open to the idea of something different that works. I say just let it be and let the cards lay where they fall and you never know she may have an experience that changes her mind…

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Convert was the absolute wrong word for me to use in my post. Last night was the first night I’ve ever even made mention of my workings or my path to her and I put it out as general conversation. In no way shape or firm am I trying to force anything on my wife and I want to be very clear about that right now. I was only putting the idea out there to see if there was any interest, beyond that I didn’t not push anything. She knows my belief system, she knows how I grew up in a claimed “Christian family” and she in no way tries to push anything on me as I would never push anything on her.

I was reaching only to see if others in our community have tried to share this life we all lead to their significant other that may follow “God’s path” for lack of a better term. I was in no way trying to force it upon my wife, it was more like a gentle upbringing of what could be a sensitive topic.

On a side note to the brief conversation I had with my wife about it last night, during that conversation our six year old daughter, whom I’ve never once even spoke of my beliefs or workings, came up, grabbed my hand and looked at my wife and said, " Daddy loves Lucifer, and Lucifer loves daddy and Lucifer makes daddy feel comfortable." Again I’ve never once so much as spoke one word to our daughter about any of this as I want her to choose her own path, I don’t want either side to ever be forced down her throat like it was mine when I was her age. But she spoke those words to my wife last night on her own. It came as a huge surprise because it was such a mature response to a conversation that she was no part of and only heard very brief communication between my wife and I.

Buy again, convert was a very bad choice of wording on my part. I hate that the Christian religion was forced down my throat during my growing up, I would never, ever force my beliefs on anyone.

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This is the reason I do my work very privately. I told 1 person about my beliefs and what I do. It backfired tremendously.

I changed the title of your thread to help prevent future confusion.

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Thank you so much, it was being taken totally out of context.

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No problem at all, it’s part of being a regular.

Yeah, converting is never a good idea. My wife offered to convert to my path when she was in a bad place and needed to feel closer. I refused to teach her my maddness as I find freedom to be extremely important. Now, she is in a better place of mind, still wanted to, and now we are putting our occult knowledge together in ritual. Forced conversion or it being done while in a bad place of mind never turns out well.

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What I’m doing with my boyfriend and family is updating him on the tiny things I’ve been doing and letting the results speak for themselves. I’m eating healthy, I’m exercising, I’m considering my actions rather than running on pure impulse, I’m becoming a healthier and happier person, etc.

They don’t need to UNDERSTAND your path – they just need to see your path’s positive influence on your life. If there is not enough change in your life for them to see, ask yourself if you are doing enough. The difference should be astounding and obvious.

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