How can I help him?

Hi everyone. I don’t know where to put this, but I’ll risk the wrath of Lady Eva if it is not the right place. There is this guy I’m nuts about, and he’s pretty nuts about me, but he isn’t able to see me very often.

He works like a dog, and is constantly running errands for people, and pretty much slaving his life away. He deserves better, AND I’m just selfish and want more time with him. What could I do that even a beginner can’t fuck up (can I say fuck?) that would relieve him of this kind of pressure. He is living with a friend and the friend’s parents.

He must be saving up for his own place. He grew up on an Indian reservation, so he was poor without many opportunities. I want to see him thrive. He deserves a break, where he can just be young, and have a decent date. I’m pretty much his first experience because of this type of thing.

How should I approach this situation? I would like to free him without having him lose jobs and money. I think the people could lay off of him too with the errands. What would you all do?

First, you can absolutely say “fuck” - I say it quite often! :o) - and yes this is a good place for this because it’s the kind of thing people get into magick to be able to do.

Back into normal mode, what I’d do if I was you is seek out a pact with a spirit, could be demonic, angelic, classical god, ancestral, whatever, and ask them if they’ll work with you long-term towards your shared goals, the first one of which is this.

The second thing I’d do is look into some spellworking methods that use sympathetic magick, such as honey jars on the people in his life, or binding magick (such as the Freeze Spell) and so on, that are designed to clear his path a bit and make people treat him better.

You could also look into planetary talismans, there’s a lot of info and even examples available on the web in general for that, and Israel Regardie’s semninal book on the subject, “How To Make And Use Talismans” can be used even if you don’t use Judeo-Christioan or Golden-Dawn influenced methods, you just have to adapt the suggestions given, for example use a line from a poem (or even lyrics that have a profiund meaning for you) in place of a Biblical verse.

The good point of this is that drawing on planetary forces of magick won’t conflict with any other systems or spirits, at least in my experience - it also provides favourable “weather conditions” under which related magick can thrive.

I’m not sure what would be approriate to do next, but hopefully some other people can weigh in on this with ideas. :slight_smile:

All hail Lady Eva! But seriously. Thanks. You give such thoughtful answers every time, and you are never far when a new post pops up. When do you have the time to poop, eat, and marry spirits? Amazing!