How can I heal my eyesight?

I have really shity Vision…any cool healing spells I can do? I know that blue candles heal so I have that


There is the ancient spell of wearing glasses. However, I had a classmate who had his optic nerves damaged (I’m learning so much English by writing this), so not even with glasses he would be able to see well enough. Cases like the one of my classmate requiere Mexican soap opera miracles

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It requires discipline to see properly. check out this book. Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally! by thomas quackenbush. Many say you can’t heal eyes yet you can. It’s the eye doctors that advertise glasses. they don’t like this method as it will put them out of business. Sure some need it temporary until they can see better when eye progress. Since the eye is base on habits and physical eyeball. You require effort. It’s not cast a spell and poof it’s 20/20. Nutrition matters too. Eyes get worse cause of bad habits of focusing improperly and it gets conditioned. Eye muscles health matters. check it out and see if it’s right method for you. I don’t recommend laser surgery as it actually cut a piece out and once cut, it can’t be replaced. Not saying its cure for all, however, most can be cure from it. Certain illness of the eyes can’t be helped by these methods.


@anon37593562 thanks for the info! I we’ll make sure to look it up!

@MagusOfPlagueactually I don’t know how true it is but I do feel like it’s true though but I heard wearing glasses slowly damages your eyesight

Lasik surgery should fix you right up.

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I have worn glasses for like all my life and my sight hasn’t gotten worse, I go to check my eyes once a year and they have been fine since forever appart from the astigmatism

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@MagusOfGamaliel lol Well you have been truly blessed my friend when I got my eyes checked the doctor told me my eyes has gotten a lot WORSE

@anon59886753 I have heard it can but it does not last forever not only that but whatever eyesight you have you will have the complete opposite once the effect wears off and then you would have to get it again

That’s what people around me say :slight_smile: but I think I’m not the Messiah because I cannot help you this time :frowning:

Lasik isn’t an effect that can wear off. It’s a surgical restructuring of the cornea.
What they say is, whatever is causing your eyesight to get worse, that root problem, isn’t fixed, so they will get bad again, but will retain the original fix.

E.g. if you have myopia at -3.0 in each eye and lasik fixes it to a zero, and next year you find you have myopia at -1.0, without lasik it would have been a -4.0, I think that’s how it works.

Eyesight issues due to muscle strength can be helped with exercises. Eyesight issues such as astigmatism, where the cornea itself is bent out of shape, have nothing to do with the muscles and glasses/contact lenses or surgery is needed.

Nevertheless, try using intention and directed energy working, repeatedly over time. Magik is magik, manifest your reality. Start by learning how to feel your internal energy via qigong or similar and experiment from there.

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The fact is, glasses are like a cane. It’s a handicap. You rely on a tool to function better. You all should have a handicap free parking if your wearing glasses. =o) Glasses can make your eye worse or make it stay the same if your lucky. It all has to do with stress and straining of the eyes when you focus. Natural methods train you to use eyes without strain/stress. That’s how your eyes get better. By way of conditioning to relax and nutrition helps blood flow as well as energy work. There’s a whole science to it. I’m not too into the science part, i rather focus on the application part of what works. Some things are more important to get functional healthy rather then understanding of it scholarly. This is one of the things that you care about results rather then why. Just like a lightbulb, you don’t care how it works, you just care you have light.

I would consult with a demon also consult with an angel to help you.
I am not going to claim that it’s impossible
You could turn yourself into a werewolf
Through a pact or many rituals that would heal your eyes

more than physical eyes healing. Many need mental eyes healing. lol =o) some common sense things just goes right by many people even if in front of them. haha.

I actually talked to Orlee about this. She explained that you can use magic to heal your eyesight. But unfortunately our time was running out…which she’s a very chill person by the way Definitely the most nicest person I’ve ever talked to.

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there are spirits who specialize in Lycanthropy
I wasn’t speaking about just healing your eyes,
I’m talking about
transform your spirit into a werewolf spirit
Super strength super speed super durability healing factor and more abilities
Why be just a human when you can be much more?
Your magick power + energy will increase too

Actually I have to attend a church service
Not a Christian but I learned a messiah is someone who teaches, helps Is a hero etc.

which makes us all messiahs lol :joy:
Gospel means good news
Which means I buy someone a candy bar and give to her it’s good news for her.
Which means I commited a act of gospel
(Good news) Lol :joy:

Simplicity is a necessity in today’s society.
If simplicity is not used
people become confused, believing they understand a concept I’m speaking of