How can I have a psychedelic experience naturally?

Does anyone know of any methods used to bring on a psychedelic experience without substances?

Things that I am already familiar with are…
Astral projection
Lucid dreaming

I’m sure I could call upon an entity but I’d rather not as my altar is closed down.

Is there a certain type of meditation I could try?


Have you ever had a psychedelic experience with substances? If so, you can recreate it using sense memory.


There is a thing you can do with a pingpong ball cut in half, white noise, and flashing red/blue light. It overloads your senses to create a similar effect to sensory deprivation. I will have to look up the exact process later, but that should be enough info for you to Google it.


There is a meditation on it on youtube.


Interesting thanks @DarkestKnight !

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Sounds intense lol, have you seen those lucid dream eye masks?

Is the video about naturally producing DMT?

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No it gives an experience that happens when taking DMT

Awesome, I do already have some experience with DMT, but now these days I avoid substances.

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Well you can have the experience without taking the substance

Please explain?

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Look at the description of the video

Ok well I’m going to give this a try tonight :raised_hands:t2:
I have had an psychedelic experience once without drugs. It was awesome I had done a ritual with some shamans I went back to my tent closed my eyes and I could see vivid mandalas was fantastic.

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Interesting question. I’d say first I also want to have psychedelic experiences without psychedelic drugs. Ever tried sleep deprivation or fasting?

Point is, when you start treading this path, it takes control over you. For example you can go nutz. If you really want this be prepared. As you cant really force a psychedelic experience I’d recommend meditation as often as possible, some ascetic practices almost always seem to give results, though not always the way you want.

Best wishes

I have a channel for you: Just dont give up and everything will fall into its place

I have tried fasting but that was more for strengthening myself spiritually.
Thank you for the warning- noted.

Awesome can I ask who do you channel?

I guess a good follow-up question would be…WHY do you want to have psychedelic experiences? Are you trying to get somewhere spiritually with it? Or is it more an entertainment type thing?

Well I guess what I truly desire is to have out of body experiences at will.

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If you have some money to throw around, try a float tank.

If you stay in complete darkness for 2 weeks you’re body naturally produces hallucinations. There are Chinese retreats that do this. But it must be complete darkness no window light or cellphone light or anything. Sensory deprivation chambers are good too.

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Ah, these are getting around. Cernunnos and I have been playing with stuff like this.

One thing to possibly try with that or other DMT meditations would be a breathing technique that claims to mimic the DMT release.

Full breaths in from the stomach first in the pattern:

Nose in, nose out
Nose in, mouth out
Mouth in, mouth out.

Repeat for ~10 minutes.

Planning to apply the Mythbuster motto “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing” and sitting down with a video and do this technique.