How can I go to the lake of fire

I’m not experienced in evocation at all
But I want to be taken to the lake of fire is there away around this?

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What do you mean by lake of fire? You mean the Yahweh creation where souls get tortured apparently?

The Book of Azazel has the Lake of Fire ritual to receive the mark.


The lake of fire to be reborn? Sorry I’m not well versed

But I have no candles for such thing and Christians stay with me

And? Practice in secret


Well no shit Sherlock lol, that’s usually how I do most of everything but it’s impossible for me to any rituals with physical circles and things of the nature or even speak out aloud… if I was to get caught I’ll be kicked out …


Do you not have a place you can go to to practice?

I despise Christians who try to control people’s lives, they should respect your spiritual works as you respect theirs


Four specific routes you can take.

  1. Lake Of Fire/Gatekeeper Ritual -

This ritual one summons forth Belial, Amaymon, Abaddon and Azazel. Wherein one opens the ritual circle as a gateway to the lake of fire. Below is the explanation E.A. gives in the book of the azazel about that circle. In the book of Azazel its said the circle astrally opens up as the lake of fire wherein you’ll die and be reborn within the lake and must be marked before you go in.

  1. Qliphothic Journey/Initiation Into Golachab -

This specific Qlipha known as Golchab, translates as “The Burning One”, it is known as the lake of fire, the underlining Infernal demonic current which flows eternally. It is also the pit of destruction, this is the realm of the most violent, fiercest forces of all the Qliphoth.

  1. Channel A Specific Gateway -

Using methods of summoning magick be it evocation/invocation one can channel a gatekeeper of that region and channel a sigillic gateway. All one had to do then is activate and open it, then simply project into it.

  1. Astral Guide -

One can simply go and astral travel/soul travel to the astral and can be guided by any Infernal or demonic guides that know of its location to the lake of fire and you could go straight to it.

So these are a few of your options here.


Number 4 sounds good for him, he can do it in his sleep while astral travelling


I go in my room for meditations and the garage when I preform small rituals that I can usually do standing up with imagined circles for examples usually petition are done in my garage.

Most of my magician experiences/ spiritual contact happens during meditation

But to practice evocation and things of the sort is really difficult in my position as you have to vibrate names and what not

I don’t want to sound lazy my reason for wanting to go to the lake of fire is because I’m serious about this path

I was just honestly wondering if there’s a work around that’s all if not I will just have to wait I guess

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Same and I appreciate your comments brother!

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Try number 4 of Kendalls list, not only that, try doing all your work in the astral


Thank you the demon haagenti came in my meditation yesterday and offered to teach me how to astral travel, 4 is definitely the option for me

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Yes that’s the plan i appreciate it! I’ve been meditating so much to hopefully become fluent in astral Travel to make up for the lack of physical activity I can preform.

Can I actual Petition him to guide me there when I fall

Petition who?

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haagenti, when he came in my meditation because I asked why he was here there he said infinite astral travel I don’t know why he used the word “infinite” but yeah that’s why I got

I’m not sure if that sounded repetitive or ridiculous i apologize if it did, I asked that because I don’t know how to willfully astral project

Sure you can petition Hageenti, do you know how?