How can I get rid of this person?

Interesting. The thought process around this one is very good. I think this is a great solution to the dilemma.

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Yikes…the lord, of advises… Gatekeeper of code of conduct

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Clown why are you pming me shoo away :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

cuz u put on this thread i have to post it here to so others see your fault.
cuz it’s off topic moron. and it’s truth. u did not help at all to this thread. u post complain. nothing to do with thread. what u say apply to your self. =oP

now this thread needs clean up cuz of people like u who can’t stick to post topic but to complain about others. U didn’t even post any suggestion to poster to help in anyway.

and i know you’ll reply to this that isn’t related to topic. lol. typical response.

@Lady_Eva this thread needs clean up.

I bet you are the kind of person people like to step on like a bug in real life.

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