How can I get rid of this person?

I’m new here but have introduced myself in a previous post already. Before I go into detail, I want to give the disclaimer that I’m aware that all actions have consequences, including the choices we make and the propositions we agree to. I also say this to acknowledge that I believe I can improve my situation with magic acting as a catalyst. So, to be as brief as possible, I was dating someone for a few months the beginning of last year before finding out I was pregnant. He proposed, I agreed. At the time, things were going smoothly and our connection was seemingly amazing so yes seemed like such a natural answer, but as we all know, hindsight is 20/20 and time is a teacher. Shortly after moving in, we found out just how incompatible we are regarding every human facet imaginable and beyond that, he thinks blind fits of rage is tolerable behavior from an adult. He isnt an “evil” person but he’s a hot head, vastly ignorant with minimal intellectual or emotional intelligence, and doesn’t care about fighting when our infant is in the room. Something I put a boundary on that he keeps disrespecting. I’m not a saint either; I’m snarky, dismissive when irritated, and see myself “above” what I consider to be petty arguments…something he normalizes. He’s also part of a super conservative christian family that pays for everything because he works a minimum wage job and I’m currently in college finishing up prereqs for a med program…and despite claiming he has no religious affiliation, there is a lot of residual christian bullshit programmed into his psyche…for example, man being the head of the household, women are hormonal which is why they are so disagreeable, etc. To be honest, which I expect of myself on here considering that this is a community I wish to learn from and thrive in…I’m just staying for my son. In retrospect, I wish I would have denied his proposal and raised my kid alone with the help of my humorous filipino lumpia eating family. After all, all he did was nut in me and I’m doing all the raising, nurturing, and loving while he just expects the woman to fulfill her role. I’m a very pragmatic person so I can rationalize a lot but I want my power back and I’m hoping someone on here can advise me with something useful and substantial.

PS - I know divorce is the most common sense, mundane answer to my problem…but in the grand scheme of things, I’m not willing to share my child with this man. Nor subject him to his side of the family…all of whom are extremely religious, ignorantly pious, super traditional and close minded. He claimed to be detached from his family when we were first dating but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He is very attached and freaks the fuck out whenever I speak about my beliefs around them. Overall a coward.

Tldr; if there is power to be regained in this impulse decision of a situation, I want it.


From your vocabulary and how articulately you wrote this up I’m surprised you couldn’t see some of these traits manifesting early on :joy:


Lol. Cognitive bias is a hell of a drug…I was hooked on the guy to my own fault…but the beginning was too satisfying and I assumed he had redeeming qualities…somewhere. He also wooed me incessantly, so I concluded small disagreements would be buffered out… I didn’t see his full blown rage until it was too late though…however, I do take responsibility as I stated initially in my post. But if I can transform this shitshow into something to my own benefit…shit, its worth a try. :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


My problem solving skills aren’t gonna help in this situation but try working with Lilith , what do you want to do with him , just use him basically but not get a divorce ?

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communicate what kind of family or relationship you two want. marriage is only paper label that don’t define the relationship. talk heart to heart. See what he wants, see what you wants and see if those can be fulfilled. If those list can’t be done with effort , then divorce might be best. Remember that any relationship is an ongoing thing. It’s a process that require ongoing communication and effort.

Basically lay out everything on the table and see if both will commit to same agreed goal.

This is communication not telling each other how to be. It’s not a dictatorship.

And no 3rd party like family in laws and such. This is between you 2 and baby that has the say. It’s your relationship , not the in laws living vicarious through you two.


I don’t know if baneful magic would be too harsh a consideration…although I know most are moral relativist on here…I’m not willing to submit to his demands because he can’t be reasoned with and I’m not a stepford wife. It’s his way or the highway and my voice doesn’t matter. So, Lilith may be helpful after all.


There is a spell, really popular around here, I haven’t used it myself, but those who did say it is good.

What it does is taking someone away from your life. They won’t be hurt, not necessarily, but they’ll go away.

Look for it as “Bovin’s freezer spell”, using the magnifying glass tool in the top-right margin. Be aware: I’m not sure if the first word is spelled like I wrote it.

MAYBE this is what you need. But be sure this is what you want.

I would do a freeze spell or letter of intent, I’ve had success with the latter before

Baneful magik by E A Koetting has ideas and education about what works, there’s also, Force Exile from the book Angels of Wrath, hotfoot powder… I’d look for banishing and death by car.

You don’t want to got the route of entities that wold drive him to suicide, because he’s in the house with you and as a volatile histrionic without boundaries, it’s a matter of time before he escalates and harms you and the baby anyway, with baneful magik in the mix he could go mad and become very unpredictable. Probably stay away from Andras and Dar’talon - he’s too close.

Starting to make police reports now that you’re scared of his violence starts building the paperwork you need if a restraining order becomes necessary.

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Thank you so much for your response. It is the most conducive, by far. I was actually just thinking about Baneful Magik by Koetting; I’ll take this as confirmation to purchase. Regarding the banishing and death by car, is that elaborated on in one of the aforementioned books, or is the latter just an idea for me to focus on during ritual? Also, we do ride together quite often but I’m assuming that entity intelligence goes without saying and there would be discernment on their part. I do agree that he needs to be removed…I’ve seen him get hostile and don’t want my child around that.

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I would focus on that in ritual, and state that he must be alone in the car.

Cancer is often a result of this kind of baneful magik - it’s not ideal if you’re in a country where this will eat all your funds, get you into debt and takes too long, but weakening him so he’s less violent isn’t awful.
Another thing that happens is that something happens so he lives, but is removed from sight, maybe by having to move in with a sick parent, for example.

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Can’t u just use mundane way to solve? I mean you two are married and have a kid together. That’s the respectable way to deal with this. Just communicate. It seems your not willing to have heart to heart talk. Not communicating and going magick route is just avoiding communication. There’s only one side. No back and forth communication. That’s what adults do. talk it out. Not yell at each other as i’m assuming since you mention his rage.
Or has it gone beyond point of communication cuz of domestic violence?

I mean, your still living with the guy so there’s communication possible.

I respect your opinion, but I have enough sense to discern what my situation requires and I’m using this forum as a tool to facilitate change in my life - no matter how extreme that may be perceived. If reason and civility got me far with him, I wouldn’t be here putting aspects of my private life on display. Maybe I should elaborate: this man has demeaned and belittled me on a consistent basis since we moved in and no amount of trying to reason with him has accomplished anything positive. He goes through blind fits of rage and screams at me paying no mind to the fact that a child is in the room/house. He has made it clear that there is no need for divorce and when I have mentioned it in the past he gets verbally abusive and makes me seem crazy for even bringing it up. And the rare occasion that he has to wake up and feed my child at night or deal with him at all, he has consistently mentioned that he “feels like losing it” because he is so annoyed. He has yelled at our son for being nothing more than a baby and crying (what babies do). So, should I wait for him to get worse or just prays he gets better? And why would I want to share custody with a man like that that has such little patience with me or my child? Not to mention all the other things I stated in my original post. I spend 99% of my energy trying to get him to “talk like adults” and he would rather go on rants and feed into his own anger. Some people just have bad wiring and I’m not responsible for that. Also, just because it hasn’t gotten physical doesn’t mean it’s a healthy environment to be around.

Edit: “you’re still living with the guy so…etc” physically sharing space isn’t a signifier of the ability or desire to communicate properly. I’m a mediator by nature, so if someone doesn’t want to communicate with me like an adult, that is on them. Believe it or not, some people cant be reasoned with or enlightened of themselves, and a lot of couples “live together” and are doing so for practical reasons (survival, financial situation, etc). His family pays for everything like I said and bought him this condo as a “wedding gift”

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I’ll send you some, voodoo like magick in a few


What you need:

  • Material to make a poppit
  • A small personal belonging of the individual you wish to bind [that can be sewn inside of the poppit]
  • A long enough piece of dark blue material or ribbon to bind the poppit like a mummy.
  • A nail and a tree to hang the poppit from
  • You can use herbs to fill the poppit if the article is not large enough or does not fit the form of the poppit. Adding cloves will act to “still the tongue.” Remember- herbs have no real power of their own, other than medicinal properties. To maximize the power of the herb/s, they must be infused with the elements.
    Herbs to add can include one or more of the following:
  • Agrimony
  • Asafetida
  • Birch
  • Bloodroot
  • Broom
  • Comfrey
  • Cypress
  • Dragon’s Wort
  • Hyssop
  • St John’s Wort
  • Rue
  • Tobacco
  • Vervain
  • Mullein

All of the above herbs are ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of binding. This ritual is best performed during a full Moon. When you are finished stuffing and sewing the poppit, mark it to represent the person you wish to bind. Draw the individual’s face as best you can- facial hair, if any, glasses- this does not have to be perfect, or paste a photo of the person onto the poppit. Now sew up the mouth with intent. Vibrate ISA into it 108 times.

Place your poppit on your altar and begin a standard ritual. After invoking the Crowned Princes of Hell, state: “I present [name] to be bound. What I do to this image, I do to [name]. Now pick the poppit up and begin winding the material/ribbon around the poppit beginning at the mouth, like a mummy, leaving one leg unbound [so you can hang it]. When finished, place it again on your altar and recite the following: [Name] is bound; he/she is unable to speak against me. [Name] is bound; he/she is unable to act against me. [Name] is bound; he/she is unable to harm me in any way. (OR JUST PHRASE YOUR REQUEST AS YOU WISH IT TO BE)
Ave Satanas
Close the ritual, now go outside, or if you already are outside- go to a tree where the poppit can be nailed by the unbound foot and hung upside down in the image of the Tarot Card of the Hanged Man.*
This card represents at a standstill, inactivity, one in suspension; one left hanging. Nail the poppit where it will not be disturbed or easily seen. Give thanks to the Powers of Hell and leave the poppit.


Thank you

ISA (Ice)
Germanic: Icz (Isa)
Gothic Eis
Norse: Íss
Anglo-Saxon: Is
Icelandic: Íss
Norwegian: Is

#11. Isa is a rune of binding. It represents stealth and sneakiness and is used in operations where one wishes to proceed undetected; Iss bestows invisibility. In nature, ice creeps up on the land, quietly freezing and immobilizing everything in its path. The unaware fall victim to it. Magickally, Iss is a rune of binding and preventing action through hidden means. It can halt a plan and prevent something from developing. It is used to conceal and can render a victim unaware of impending personal disaster to where any actions attempted will be too late in coming. It is also used in preventing any action and can ruin planned activity. Isa freezes action and is the rune of cold, barren stillness and death. Isa is the exact opposite of Fehu. As Fehu is a rune of movement, Isa is a rune of binding.
Used in ritual against another, it brings barrenness, prevents prosperity, causes depression, and serves as an obstacle to action. Can be used to cause paralyzing fear or obsession and to prevent or stop movement, both that of growth and disintegration. On a more positive note, this rune is helpful in void meditation as it acts to still and also helpful in concentration, bringing calmness and guidance. Care needs to be taken as the rune can also make the user dull and/or obsessive. Isa works to calm hysteria, hyperactivity and restlessness. Often used in revenge spells and defense, it helps focus the will of the operator. Used with other runes, it acts to bind and shield the energies and keep them from interacting with each other.



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You ask for help with the situation on your first post so i gave advice. If you said, let’s kill the motherfucker out of your life than i would of given a different advice.
since u don’t want anything then it’s still your choice of how you want to handle this. You don’t need magick. There are other ways to get the point across. Like direct telling of I want you out of my life. It’s not working. If you go magick route. realize it will affect you since living together in ways you might not like. Magick isn’t cure for everything.

And no amount of any advice from anyone can help you as we dont’ know situation . This is not a small situation that strangers from the net can advise what to do. we don’t know you or him etc… We don’t know how both of you interact. It’s a he said she said thing. Especially @trishul66 who’s rude to me acting like a kid. lol. He can share all these spells , yet u decide with your soul. THink before act. don’t just listen to strangers on the net without considerations of what result can happen… Magick isn’t to be triffle with especially with all the circumstance you have that’s in the equation. If u don’t have a kid , yeah. easy to move away cursing baneful magick. no problem. You just have many variables. Time to make a list and see the pros and cons. It’s not just about magick getting rid of him. You have to think of the possible retaliation he might do.

Basically advising you to think first for safety of your baby and your side of the family. I’m ok with you cursing baneful magick. I don’t care. your life not mine. U ask for advice and i gave to go route that is safe for you if possible. Look at all options and see which one have less damage return.

In situation like this. Casting magick and that solve your problem will not go like that. I would think that’s commonsense. too many think magick is cure all. Due to variable, mundane action have to be included.

Why are you continuing to reply to this thread. You aren’t offering suggestions or solutions which Anna Marie finds useful. Go run around in other threads…sheesh.

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