How can I get my family to buy a computer

Hi my family is a little bad but I need a good computer right now, How can I get me to get a nice computer in a short time, Which spell or demon should I use? 1 week at the latest because I really need a computer.

My family has no money they pay their debts but they can buy it in Mom will receive monthly after 1 week at the Won’t buy me a new computer even if I want, I want him to get me a computer on his salary. How do I affect him?

Ever try to build your own computer? Easy and cheaper by far. Asking your father to buy parts and you assembling it, will make you look like a living god, a living IT guy god, to your parents and they’ll think that you’re genuinely trying to save them money.

do you have a public library accessible to you with computers?Hopefully unaffected by pandemic laws?
Go use the public computers to save money for your parents. Document what you’re doing too for social media points. Some important people in your life might be moved at how far your going and throw your family a bone or two.
If the library have any broken computers they want to throw out ask them for the parts too.
If there is a junkyard nearby, then go see if you recover any complete computers there.
Most people just throw away good shit for the shittiest defect that can be repaired for a fair price.

Practical solutions might work better for you. I’M sure other BALG members will recommend you a demon of jinn or angel, but even for those spirits, they need an avenue to give you wealth.
Money magick is one of the harder magicks to do, as Ive come to find,
theory on the reason why is that money is an artificial concept used only by humans and now some monkeys.

Maybe the reason your father/mother isnt buying you a computer is because he is in deeper financial turmoil than you think, most americans cant put up with an extra surprise $400 expense.

Do your best to be considerate of your family


Try this, do NOT ask for the money, just go straight to the goal - a computer:

Objects can sometimes be easier to manifest than money.


You can do a spell for them to attract money, just make sure you specify no harm. Demons like Bune or Mammon will be a big help, if you want them to get a promotion for it you can try asking a demon such as King Paimon or Belial. But emphasis on helping your parent’s financial situation first and making sure they’re okay.

What you say is so different, Stores do not give me products, Because my mother always pays installments, They give him what he wants, But I can’t persuade my mom to buy a computer, He will buy and I will pay as I earn money over time.

Paying by installments in finance is always more expensive in the long run. By a partly very significant sum too.
The me that is a business student doesnt like that.

Im having a hard time understanding your english, but if not my advice, then try
Following @Lady_Eva’s advice.

I don’t know how to use this but I need a nice computer for around 1 week

Did you even read it or try what was outlined in the thread before dismissing it?

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Not if you can get a 0 percent rate

y’all have that in the big countries? Must be nice…

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Yea we have same as cash places.

Don’t know if this will be of any help, but the way I got myself a laptop was getting offered a cheap, used one from a family friend - which I worked off by helping them take down a tree house. Worked out for both parties.