How can I find my spirit guide?

I have been searching for this in the forum, but I couldn’t find anything helpful enough. I am not really into Tarot and pendulums/divination, so is there any other method?
I would appreciate it if you could help @Lady_Eva . Sorry for mentioning especially you but I find your advice life saving. :slight_smile:

I unfortunately can’t help you with that (I was gonna say divination lmao) , but strangely enough two days ago I stumbled upon a relevant youtube video made by a girl whose channel is called Stargirl the practical witch. She has a rather big amount of subscribers and people seem to trust her , so I’d suggest checking that one out.


There are guided meditations available on YouTube that can help.


Alright thank you both @DarkestKnight and @Mystic-Void

@Lady_Eva has a basic Shamanism tutorial that can be used as well. Essentially, it uses an Axis Mundi, a World Tree, for travelling to different places. If you hold the intention to meet your spirit guides and crawl through the opening in the roots, it will take you to where they are.

When she comes online, she will see the “@” and if you’re interested, she can send it to you.


Wow thanks for mentioning her. I didn’t know she had that tutorial. :slight_smile: